When it comes to networking into the hidden job market, introverts (like me) may think they just won't be able to do it. But, they can. And in a way that works for them.

Extroverts may not recognize just how many networking skills they have—and how to best leverage them.

Introverts: Your Unique Strengths

  • You are sensitive to what’s happening around you and can pick up and relate to other people’s needs and feelings, resulting in others sensing you are empathetic.
  • You come across as thoughtful and focused because you take the time to think before you speak. You are often able to quickly develop rapport and trust.
  • You are skilled at sensing how to respond to people most effectively.
  • You don’t always feel as though you need to be talking, making you are an excellent listener.

If you’re introverted:

  • Realize that you have great information, and other people want and can use what you know.
  • Give yourself permission to network in ways that make you comfortable. Remember that some of the most effective networking is done in a venue in which introverts shine – one-on-one.

Extroverts: Your Unique Strengths

  • You are at ease with small talk and can easily engage others in conversation.
  • You think things through by talking, so people know what’s going on with you.
  • Because you ask easily for what you would like from the other person, you tend to get more of what you want.
  • You are an excellent brainstorming partner because don’t force yourself to think things through before speaking.
  • You are an excellent brainstorming partner because don’t force yourself to think things through before speaking.

If you’re extroverted:

  • Because you are self-confident and can easily talk to people, be on the lookout for those times when you will want to ask other people a question. Find out what they want to talk about and get a sense of how they are feeling.
  • Remember to switch gears beyond the social aspects where you clearly shine to take advantage of making connections and leveraging the job search networking possibilities.

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Author's Bio: 

Katherine Moody is a consultant who guides job seekers through the hidden job market to find new jobs using social media and reformulated traditional networking. Previously, she was the VP Recruiting Services for S. Benjamins, a retained search firm with clients such as The Cheesecake Factory, Providence HealthSystem, P. F. Changs, The Auto Club, Pacific Sunwear, and The Walt Disney Company.

With 14+ years as an executive recruiter working with job seekers, Katherine knows what it takes to land a job in today’s economy.

Her career also includes being a marketing executive in a software development firm, a Director of Recruiting for Deloitte & Touche, and Associate at Heidrick & Struggles, one of the largest executive search firms in the world. These are all positions she got through the hidden job market mechanism.