Pisces is an intense cosmic feeler, experiencing universal emotion at shocking rates <3

Here are a few differences I have come to know depending on Sun vs. Moon Pisceans, mostly focusing on their healing and coping skills:

Pisces sun, especially in adulthood, wears their Pisces traits on the outside. People can immediately see a wealth of creativity and a hypersensitivity in these individuals; the Pisces moon, on the other hand, reveals their trademark traits in small bursts, in subtle ways, and usually only to people who know them pretty well. Ironically, Pisces moons are far more hyper-sensitive than Pisces suns, though. Pisces moon is the single most sensitive placement, like ever, loll.
Pisces sun is affected by emotions, mostly as they hit the individual, as the individual personally experiences them; Pisces moon is affected by the emotions of others, getting hit with waves of others’ emotions, and getting caught up in feeling others’ plights as if it is their own.
Pisces sun tends to feel and come off more comfortable, more confident in who they are and what they represent, and they show a greater capacity for lifting themselves up and out of depressive ruts; Pisces moon as
atmakaraka tends to struggle with their emotions very much, can come off more unstable, insecure, and even at war with themselves and the pain they feel for this world. They really struggle with picking themselves up during a depressive fallout.
Pisces sun can really channel their pain into creative outlets, finding ways to resolve their sorrows in reality, constructively; Pisces moon can be prone to escapism, channeling their pain into their own selves, mirroring to themselves, instead finding a proper outlet, which often means self-destructive behavior, especially drug abuse, over fantasizing, hiding from reality, etc.
In situations of high stress where a Pisces sun comes off a bit more selfish or at least self-reliant (retreating and serving the self), Pisces moon comes off a bit too much like a pushover (funneling everything they have and more into other people): this is because the Pisces moon tends to be so highly aware of others’ pain, conflating it with their own confusing pain, or even projecting their sorrow onto others not recognizing it is their own. They literally adopt the suffering of others by accident, and the only way to feel better is to solve the root of the problem by making the source of that pain (other person) feel happy, and as a mirror-sponge, being thus internally healed in tandem with that person. BUT, if a Pisces moon is disturbed by trauma, suffers from dissociation, or remains depressed for far too long, they can be the opposite, leading to a total eschewing of their empathetic nature, expressing rage like a shark, sucking the life force and spirit out of the people they love most as a means to just stop feeling altogether.
The sun is a masculine placement for a sign, whether or not the sign itself is masculine. Pisces being of feminine duality finds a balance when placed in the sun, therefore. The moon sign is a feminine placement, and having feminine Pisces in the moon really emphasizes the traits of this sign, really emphasizing that intuitive and sensitive nature, to the point where it could be crippling, overwhelming— or otherwise, a total super power.

A Pisces sun creates safe havens and foundations for itself in this world pretty successfully, whereas a Pisces moon more often than not struggles with feeling safe in this world, yet finds ways to create safety for others pretty efficiently, even unconsciously.

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Sri Tulasi is an eminent astrologer who is having 30 + years of experience in astrology.