Over the past few years, exhibitions have become a prominent way to appeal to visitors and drive conversions. This has further created a boost in the marketing of the business to a great extent. Even though, the BTL activities have been common in the past as well, but, the awareness related to various business promotion campaigns and hoardings announcing the schedule of the exhibition have altogether led to a new wave of marketing. However, it is essential to focus on the design & production strategy which implies the selection of trusted exhibition booth designers considering their role in the entire process. In other words, these booth designers play a vital role in addressing the look & feel of the exhibition through their visualization and smart presentation skills.

It is obvious that design of the exhibition booth has to complement its structure irrespective of the theme, type of project and other details. Besides, it is the harmonious collaboration of the exhibition booth contractors and designers which leads to the attractive & appealing exhibition stand. Following are some of the aspects which you should bear in mind while looking for the reliable exhibition booth designers:

Best from the rest should be prioritized: The exhibition booth design project needs a practical visualization and utmost creative approach towards completion of the project without faltering. Therefore, it is ideal to choose the best exhibition stall designer after understanding his style of working and how he can contribute to the success of the project.

Create contract terms to ensure the consistency of designer until the completion of project: The organization should create a contract of terms if the long term project is being offered to a team of exhibition booth designers. This prerequisite of project will help the project owner to retain the consistency and smooth project execution according to the timeline. On the contrary, hiring the designers without signing contract can lead to repercussions if the work does not get completed and the design team loses any professional during the project.

Check the prospects of exhibition stall designing before hiring the designer: The design strategy undergoes modifications and various trends make this field impressive. Thus, it is necessary to check the exhibition booth designing prospects and assess the portfolio of designers accordingly. This will help the business owners in understanding the competence of the exhibition booth designer.

Discuss the plan with the designer to offer a clarity of project accomplishment plans: Clarity of project goals can never be side-lined whatsoever. Hence, the plan of exhibition booth designing tasks should be discussed with the designer to evaluate his strengths. Most of all, his queries and qualms can also be addressed as a part of this step. At initial stage, the project accomplishment plans can be prepared by sorting the issues of exhibition booth designers after this discussion.

Examine the skills of the exhibition booth designers beforehand through portfolio assessment: Evaluation, practical tests and overall assessment of exhibition stall designers will offer the business owner a broad overview about the professionals. Whether it is the conceptualization strategy, ideation or any innovative approach, the whole idea is to check whether the exhibition booth designer is fit for the role or not.

Address the challenges, opportunities and scope of project with the designer initially: Without this point, the other aspects will be incomplete as the challenges, opportunities and scope of the project should always be clear. No matter the exhibition booth designer is a beginner or has a versatile persona with a vast portfolio, he should understand the expectations of the organization before starting the project. It will help him in planning the outcome accordingly.

On a last note, it can be affirmed that exhibition booth designing is a very creative profile, hence, the above points of relevance need an attention before hiring the best exhibition booth designer.

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With a vast experience in exhibition stall design and fabrication services, Pooja Mandhiratta is a team lead, key accounts at Panache-Worldwide.com. She holds an expertise in Sales & Marketing, Business Operations and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).