Like every year, the major players of the global aftermarket wheels market worldwide have rolled out several new ranges and models to ensure that their products retain their loyal clientele besides appealing to prospective ones. 

From the likes of Vossen to Fuel to Enkei to American Racing and Monster Wheels, every company worth its salt has launched major new models and have revamped some of the popular ones which were already marquee products.

With so many choices at your disposal, it’s a mixture of good and bad news for you. The good part is that you have a nigh-unlimited array of models to choose from. The bad part is that you might not be able to select the right set of wheels for trucks or passenger cars you own because most models offer very similar value propositions!

With that latter part in mind, we decided to speak with expert market observers and several major retail chains across America. After several interviews and polls, we have come up with the following aftermarket wheels which are possibly the best ones available at the moment.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

The best custom wheels- updated for 2022

There is no doubt that the biggest reason most automobile enthusiasts tend to buy a new set of aftermarket wheels every year or so is to ensure that their vehicles ooze oomph and are always in fashion. 

Aesthetics plays a big part in custom wheels for trucks or any other vehicle. 

This brief list tries to balance both the style quotient alongside the performance which is expected from big-bang brands like Monster Wheels.

  1. Volk Racing TE37: This is one of the names without which lists of this nature can never be complete. The Volk Racing TE37 has existed for several years and has still retained its appeal. It was the first mass-market all-aluminum rim which Volk’s parent company (RAYS) had manufactured.

RAYS is a Japanese brand, and this specific model reflects most of the Japanese theories of design. It weighs just above 7.5 pounds and can come in real handy if you are looking to reduce the gross weight of your vehicle.

The ‘TE’ stands for ‘Touring Evolution’, the name dating back to the mid-90s when the model was created for touring vehicles. The 2022 upgrade adds a few new finishes which has refurbished the entire range.

If you are looking to buy a single set of aftermarket wheels this year, go for the TE37 in bronze finish. It’s an outstanding model!

  1. Monster M50: This is the latest model from the house of Monster Wheels, and it’s designed for superior off-road performance. These rims are some of the boldest and most aggressive models you will come across. Available in several sizes, this is one beadlock giant you simply cannot ignore!

The company has made its name manufacturing wheels for trucks and other heavy vehicles. The M50 is no different, except that some of the sizes are perfect for a heavy-duty SUV too. 

Have a look at the bright Candy Red F50; it’s a head-turner and will provide your vehicle with enough style to make it stand out in a sea of imitators.

  1. American Racing Torq Thrust: Trust the inimitable American Racing Wheels to live up to its fame and introduce a few new models every year that eventually become tentpoles for an overcrowded market. The Torq Thrust is a pretty old model and is still going strong. The chrome finish is the one which will probably appeal to you the most, and for good reason.

With the latest Torq Thrust, American Racing has tried to add a retro touch to the standard aftermarket wheels that dominate markets across the United States and throughout the world.

This 5-spoke beauty looks as if it belongs to a ‘60s Mustang, although it will look equally attractive on your latest Jeep Wrangler or perhaps the new Mazda. The company has priced this model very competitively, as it takes aim at reconquering some of the territory it has lost over the last few years.  

Go for this splendid model if you are in a mood to time-travel to the past!

  1. Enkei RP03: Enkei has made rapid inroads in the world of aftermarket and custom rims in the American market. The Enkei range is one of the most technologically advanced ones on this list and boasts of the new MAT technology, which is a proprietary technology Enkei uses.

The RP03 looks pretty old-school with its 5 spokes and a minimalist design. That said, it hides a lot of R&D behind this rather bland façade. These aftermarket wheels are pretty lightweight and will have a major impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption- in a positive manner, of course!

We are partial to the painted-grey finishes where the spokes touch the inner rim in a way that creates an illusion of being bigger than it actually is. Pretty neat stuff!


Always purchase new aftermarket wheels from trusted retailers only. Else, you can always book them online from their official websites. Shipping charges are minimal.

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