So many clients have told me that they were disappointed with the results they have gotten from doing affirmations that I felt compelled to write this article to help others in the same situation.

There has been this flawed theory that if you keep repeating the same affirmations daily you will see results. You will! Here is the catch to making affirmations work for you.. Your internal self talk must be congruent with your affirmation!. This is non-negotiable. You must believe that what you are saying is possible for you, not everyone, but possible for you. You cannot say "I am a millionaire" and not believe that it is possible for YOU.

Please understand that you have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The conscious mind accounts for 10% of your thought process and your subconscious mind accounts for 90%. Your internal self talk emanates from your subconscious mind.

So if you are consciously repeating affirmations that is coming from the 10% part of your mind. If your subconscious mind is disagreeing or in other words, sending back negative self talk that is coming from the 90% part you will not see the results you want. 90% vs 10% - which one do you think will win. Of course the 90% or the subconscious.

In fact quite the opposite because what you are affirming is the negative internal sabotage. Every time you say an affirmation where there is no congruency between your statements and internal self talk, your subconscious is in fact repeating negative self talk when there is no belief in your affirmations.

If you have been consistently trying to overcome the same obstacles, (lack of money, love, low self esteem)it's time to look within first. In life you will keep reliving the same issues over and over again until you have resolved those internal issues.

Here are a few helpful tips on doing affirmations correctly:

#1. Make sure there is congruency between your affirmations and your internal dialog (your subconscious). What you are saying must be in agreement with your internal belief system. YOU MUST FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU ARE AFFIRMING IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU.

#2. After you have that alignment, proceed with your affirmations. If something resonates within you that does not fully believe in what you are affirming, that is telling you that you need to go within and find the root of the false beliefs.

#3. Never include a negative in your affirmation. The subconscious does not interpret the word no or a negative. So when you affirm, "I do not want to eat sweets", your subconscious will interpret "I want to eat sweets". Try instead, "I love to eat healthy foods".

#4. Make sure your affirmations are stated always in the PRESENT TENSE. Example: I earn x amount per year" NOT "I will earn x amount per year".

#5. Put emotion and feeling into your affirmations to anchor those statements within. Just routinely repeating the same affirmations over and over again without feeling will do little.

If you are stuck in your life, affirmations have not worked for you and you keep trying to overcome the same obstacles then there is a very high chance that you have a good bit of internal sabotage going on. We have a 3 Step System on how to remove your self limiting blocks and its' FREE. Go to:

I hope this brief article has been of service to you as I do truly care about you and your success.

Author's Bio: 

Chrissy Smith, is a transformation expert, published author, speaker, radio talk show host. She has a 3 Step Program where she works with clients eliminating their internal sabotage so that they can achieve their desires.