Sometimes we all need a little help with romance. Even the most romantic person in the world can run out of ideas. The good news is that the most memorable times you will ever have will be the ones that are unscripted and unplanned. That is the funny thing about romance. It really has nothing to do with lavish gifts, expensive dinners, or even exotic getaways. A romantic person may take part in those things, but that is not what makes them romantic.

Romance comes straight from the heart. It’s the thoughts behind the actions of the romantic person. If you need help with romance, then start off by stop trying to plan it. Instead of working on the activity, focus on your feelings for that person.

Think about how you feel when they smile. And then come up with ways to make them smile.

Picture the warmth in your heart when you hear them laugh out loud. Now imagine ways to make them laugh till they cry.

Remind yourself of how you smile deep inside your soul when you hold each others hand. Now take every opportunity to hold their hand from now on.

Think of how good it would feel to play and kiss each other in the rain. Then the next time it rains drag them out, chase them around, and smooch each other like you were teenagers.

Now that you have your feelings involved in your relationship, now you can take it to the next level. Romance is the journey, not the end result. A romantic person focuses on all the little things that he or she is doing. They will think about the details, and how it will affect their partner. The little things are the most noticeable. Whether you believe that or not, work on those little items. Let’s re-address the items above focusing on the details.

When you think about how you feel when your partner smiles, touch on each of the feelings in your mind. The warmth in you ears, the smile you get, the feeling of contentment. Make sure to comment on those feelings with your sweetheart when they do smile. Let them know how their happiness gives you such feelings.

Next time you hold each others hand, close your eyes (unless you are walking) and become aware of your feelings. Locate all the goodies you are receiving at that moment from your body. Now look them in the eye, and tell them those little rays of satisfaction you get from just holding their hand.

When you play in the rain, grab a towel for them, and wrap them up so they don’t get cold. Gently wipe the water from their forehead and cheek and smile deeply into their eyes. You can even tell them you love them. Open yourself to those feelings, and watch their reaction.

See it is all the little things, and little feelings. It is the openness to any and all feelings you have with that special person. You don’t really need help with romance, you really just need to become open, willing and then make it happen. It is already inside of you, so let it free.

This is how the true romantic thinks and lives. It’s not difficult, and it is truly rewarding and fun. Anyone can live the romantic life as well as reap the rewards of being a romantic person. Romantic people are happier, than non-romantics. Romantic people tend to live longer because they experience more love and passion in their lives. They tend to be more active, and enjoy more out of the life they live. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live with romance in their lives?

I believe that most people don’t realize what romance is all about. I mean it seems like a no brainer to be this way if someone knows what the benefits are and how simple it is to be this way. So it has to be the simple fact that they just don’t know any better. This is why I make it my duty to spread the knowledge of how to live a happy, loving and rewarding life. Romance is just part of loving couple’s lives. Make sure you bring it into yours.

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