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Seasonal allergy season is here once again. While most of my clients/patients struggle with seasonal allergies I RARELY treat them as a primary problem. Thing is, they clear up when dealing with the person's overall health status. Countless clients have arrived at my clinic complaining of sinus problems, allergies and gut issues. When we have fixed the gut issues, their seasonal allergies also disappeared. We learn in naturopathic training that if "something is wrong with the gut fix that first because everything else will improve", I have found these words very true.

Conventional medicine treats allergies with injections and pills which does not address the core trouble. The core trouble for many is an inflammed gut due to underlying infestations of bacteria, fungus, yeast or all three, severe food allergy, like Celiac disorder, leaky gut, environmental allergies, and severe stress. Delving into and establishing the primary cause is necessary for full resolution of symptoms.

Anything that impacts the immune system will trigger allergies or help them calm down. Dietary changes towards a low inflammation diet is necessary. A whole foods, antioxidant rich diet low in sugars is a good first step. Healthy fats like avocado and fatty fish are also helpful for allergies.

Gut healing nutrients should only be used if you are working with someone like myself who specializes in these disorders. If you start supplementing yourself you will not only waste time and money but in many cases make the undiagnosed underlying disorder harder to treat.

Stress is a great trigger for allergies by depleting your immune system and damaging your gut. If you are too stressed out consider Yoga or other mind body techniques to assist you in managing it. Exercise is also a great aid to stress reduction.

Get enough sleep as sleep deficits damage the gut and increase inflammation. A simple blood test called a C-reactive protein test can measure the degree of inflammation in your body and potential for chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Taking care of your body is an investment that will pay dividends for a lifetime. Investing in a proper diagnosis and treatment will also pay dividends for the rest of your life.

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