Anxiety is often the main reasons clients come to me and for good reason. It is probably the most common dis-order that people experience. Why?

When we allow our thoughts around a particular subject to accumulate–that is, we allow our thoughts to fester and focus on something negative–those thoughts begin to affect our body, specifically the nervous system, and in turn this affects our behavior and ultimately our circumstances.

The anxiety or anxiousness you feel is your body’s response to your thoughts. It is not something that happens to you but rather, you are the one who is producing it.

Many times we get so used to thinking and feeling a certain way that we forget that we are actually the creator of our thoughts. We get into habitual patterns of thinking that become so natural to us that we just accept them and our ensuing circumstance as reality.

News Flash: You can change your reality in a moment by changing your thoughts.

The first step in healing your anxiety is to begin to realize when you are producing it. As soon as you notice the feelings begin using the FasterEFT tapping to release and let go.

The FasterEFT tapping allows you to interrupt the thought pattern that is producing the anxious feeling in your body. Be aware that you may have several different thoughts associated with your anxiety so be patient and keep tapping until the feelings subside.

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Alan Combies is a Certified FasterEFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people succeed.

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