What is a heat pump?
It converts the unused ambient heat into the heat of proper temperature. It does it by inputting a little primary energy without burning any fossil fuel. The majority of the energy for heating comes from the atmosphere, and a little power comes from the energy source. It makes a heat pump “GREEN” equipment. In an electrically powered heat pump, the heat transferred by the pump is multiple times the electricity used. Thus, its efficiency is quite higher than conventional resistance electrical heaters even if you consider the loss in the process of electricity generation.
What are the salient features of heat pumps?

You must keep a few things into consideration while choosing a heat pump from the best heat pump manufacturers in India.

• Always prefer a heating pump with a copper tube. It is more efficient.
• The evaporator should have hydraulic aluminum fins and copper tubes.
• Inner grooves in the evaporator cause better heat exchange.
• High-efficiency axial fan causes low noise.
• The control panel should be user-friendly, preferably with a touchpad, and it can be installed away from the main unit.
• Always prefer stainless steel or powder-coated steel while buying a heat pump.
Other than that, you must ensure that the manufacturer offers at least a one-year warranty. Renowned heater manufacturers use stringent quality-control parameters so that each product gives the best performance. By installing a quality heat pump, you save the environment. It uses the least power and causes minimum harm to the surroundings.
You needn’t worry about environmental protection and pollution control norms.

Applications of heat pumps

Heat pumps are used in a variety of applications such as:
• Heating of big commercial places such as schools, hotels, hospitals, and offices.
• Heating of swimming pools, recreation centers, spas, and fitness centers.
• Heating of theaters and cinema halls.
• Heating of commercial kitchens. Since the by-product of heating water is chilled water, it can be used for cooling the premises, typically called comfort air-conditioning.
• For preheating of boiling water up to 60 degrees Celsius.
• To provide hot water for industrial processes such as hot water washing in the washing industry, pasteurization in the food industry and dying in the textile industry.
• In the dehumidification process and heat recovery.
• Uninterrupted hot water supply in hotels and spas.
Therefore, when you need heating or cooling in bungalow, farmhouse, villa or any other place; the best choice is a heat pump. It is the best method of space heating and cooling. Sanitary hot water is required in leisure centers, hospitals, and hotels. Nothing can be more useful than a heat pump for that. Farms and greenhouses require constant temperatures. Heat pumps can maintain it at low operating costs.


 Energy savers
 Space savers
 Safe and reliable
 Easy to install and maintain
 Comfortable and user-friendly
 Cost-effective and energy-efficient
 Environment-friendly
Heat pumps manufacturers in India make different models with different specifications. It is important to check the parameters well before finalizing a model.

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It is a device that transfers heat from the source to a place called sink where the heat is let out into the atmosphere. It continuously and spontaneously changes its function to remove the heat produced.