Achieving healthy weight loss isn’t easy, and as it turns out only 5% of people who lose weight actually keep it off. This has been one of the greatest mysteries of life, and there are all kinds of answers as to why it is. However, it all boils down to whether or not the person is able to maintain the habits and the lifestyle which got them there in the first place. Just think about it, if a 90 day diet helps you lose 30 pounds, why would you get off of the diet which helped you achieve those results in the first place? The bottom line is that if you want the results to last for a lifetime, you have to do something which are you are willing to do for the rest of your life.

However, this also requires you to make an internal change which will inspire you to keep up with the lifestyle and the habits which will give you a healthy body, and that’s the role of the self-image...

The Missing Link of Healthy Weight Loss

The self-image set the standards for the behaviors which they will tolerate from themselves and from others. For example, if a person wants a great relationship and they don’t become the type of person who will keep that relationship healthy, they’ll lose it. The same is true when a person receives a raise in income or anything else which is inconsistent with their self-image. If what a person has attracted into their life is NOT consistent with their sense of identity, they’ll find a way to get rid of it. The power of the self-image over a person’s behaviors is so powerful and significant that changing it can transform ALL areas of a person’s life.

Considering this, are you beginning to see how changing a person’s self-image can effective changes in all areas of their life? So the question now is how can you change your self-image and make sure that you have a permanent change in your habits so that you can achieve a healthy body and keep it for life.

Changing the Self-Image

Changing the self-image starts with changing the way that you talk about yourself, especially when no one else hears you. You are the most influential person in your life...who else are you around 24 hours a day and seven days a week? Every word that you speak to yourself or about others has a profound influence on your thought process. So here’s the question to ask yourself: “If another person talked to you the way that YOU talk to you, how would you respond to them?” If your answer is that you would no longer tolerate them to be in your life, that’s a clear sign that your self-talk needs some work.

Of course, there’s more than this when it comes to changing your self-image, but if you start here, you can make a lot of progress and as your self-image becomes stronger, so will your ability to develop healthy eating and activity habits and achieve permanent healthy weight loss.

Author's Bio: 

Seth Czerepak is a personal achievement expert, professional copywriter and the Vice President of VQ Success LLC.

Seth has been practicing and studying the strategies of behavioral transformation and personal leadership development for fifteen years and has empowered hundreds of people to make positive changes in their lives. He has coached people from various backgrounds: athletes, salespeople, corporate executives, parents, couples, teenagers, medical professionals, artists, freelance entrepreneurs and even people suffering from substance addiction and depression.

Seth Czerepak is no stranger to the challenge of personal adversity, having successfully used the method of Value Driven Transcendence to overcome addiction, poverty, divorce, obesity, and financial ruin, and to restore the broken relationships in his life. He has learned the difference between personal leadership development theories which have no place in real life and practical strategies which can be used to create genuine results.