Love by itself isn’t enough to keep your relationship healthy. Here are some important tips to follow to keep your relationship thriving.

Kindness and Compromise:

All relationships require some effort. You’re not going to agree on every detail even if you want to. What's important is that you communicate and are clear about your needs and your partner's. Exercising kindness and compassion can encourage union and cooperation.


A large number of relationships don’t survive after the first blush of romance. If you’re out to change your partner to conform to your lifestyle, forget it. That’s the beginning of the end for many couples. Instead, appreciate the differences between the two of you. Accept who he or she is and remember that's what attracted you in the first place.

Conflict Resolution:

Arguments don't have to be nasty affairs with hurtful words and actions that you can't take back. Agree in advance to disagree without getting heated up. Try as best you can to handle disagreements amicably and keep in mind that the relationship is more important than winning an argument.

Build Intimacy:

True intimacy begins with trust and a feeling of safety and being valued by your partner. It takes time to establish trust and intimacy. Be consistent with your words and actions. Body language, touch, laughter, sharing and physical closeness increase the warmth and connection you have with your partner.

Staying Together:

Staying together is not a lofty goal. It takes desire, effort and commitment from both of you to keep the glow alive. Make a conscious decision to do what it takes to grow your love.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jo Anne White is an international author and speaker and certifed relationship, life, leadership coach and business consultant. An energy intuitive and hypnosis specialist dedicated to holistically changing lives and businesses.