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Many people are interested in habits that will improve their health. Unfortunately, due to rampant misinformation, some practices are not really helpful in this pursuit. Today, we will explore just a few practices that are really not worth it.

Juicing is very popular and many folks believe that juicing is extremely healthy….it isn’t. When you remove all the fiber from fruits and vegetables what you are left with is…sugar. This will wreck havoc on your health and gut bacteria. What people are really deficient in is dietary fiber. Lightly cooked vegetables is the way to go.

“DETOX” Products:
Your body comes equipped with an amazing detoxification system in place. While there are occasions for fasts, or bowel rests, or protein avoidance, the best practice is in eating and extremely clean organic diet. Detox supplements cause your liver, bowel and kidneys to work harder…that is all…avoid them. I don’t sell them, I don’t use them.

While many people believe almond milk is a great substitute for milk …it is not. Processing removes all the protein and nutrients. You are much better off with soymilk.

EGG WHITES versus whole eggs:
Evidence has been accumulating for some time that foods do not impact cholesterol levels much at all. Go ahead and eat your whole eggs. The yolk contains most of the nutrients anyway.

Avoiding microwaves is unnecessary. In fact, Microwaving quickly…(I steam vegetables in this way) preserves many nutrients over other ways of cooking. However, DO NOT Cook protein in a microwave. It causes changes that are not compatible with health.

Processed gluten free foods and products are typically just junk. Devoid of fiber, nutrients, and high in sugars natural or otherwise…avoid them.

These are just a few suggestions...there will be others. See you next week when I will discuss an extremely dangerous OTC medication.

See You then!

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