Women are known to be superheroes of everyday life. To do it, you have to be as fit as Wonderwoman. A single job is often stressful enough. The role in the job, but also as "all in one" - as a housewife, mother, wife, lover, nurse, and much more, puts women under high pressure of expectation. The modern woman is often confronted with very traditional expectations of society. Listen to Top Women's Health Podcasts to stay informed about health tips and problems.

It is not uncommon for one's own needs to go under. But self-actualization and social recognition are essential factors for mental health. In order to maintain your own performance in the long term, it is necessary to create a balance in stressful everyday life.

Women should take care of the relaxation

For example, treat yourself to an occasional hot cup of tea to relax. Scientific research has shown that just one cup of tea a day can significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Exercise gives women a balance to everyday life

Even sport is known to be a valuable compensation. By releasing the body's own opiates, makes you happy, stimulates detoxification processes and fat burning, and lets the stress hormone level drop more quickly. Above all, sport gives you the opportunity to clear your head and forget every day worries. However, women (and men) with physical limitations may no longer be able to do every sport they want.

In the case of joint problems, for example, it is recommended that you practice sports that are gentle on the joint apparatus. For example, aqua aerobics and high-quality trampolines have proven to be particularly suitable. In this way, they get the entire muscles of the body moving. In particular, the stabilizing skeletal muscles, which ensure that the body remains upright, now have to work. Tendons, ligaments, and joints are gently trained without being exposed to excessive stress.

Women's health: power substances and the immune system

If women don't feel like exercising at all because they often feel powerless and limp, they should first look for causes. Often such a condition is due to an insufficient supply of nutrients. In addition to a balanced diet, it can help to resort to preparation. Aloe vera, green tea, L-carnitine, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, and B vitamins, for example, are real power substances. In the right proportion, they make a valuable contribution to an active, healthy everyday life and strengthen the immune system. They aim to achieve maximum mental and physical performance, coupled with protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Hormones affect mood

Often the reason for an unbalanced mental life and physical complaints is also due to hormonal fluctuations.

Study: Gestational Diabetes and Postpartum Depression

One study found that women diagnosed with diabetes while pregnant were at higher risk of developing postpartum depression. Gestational diabetes is the most common concomitant disease in pregnancy, but it can lead to serious complications for mother and baby before and during birth.

As a preventive measure, all pregnant women between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy should therefore be carried out a blood sugar-based addiction test for early detection. This is not compulsory, but it is offered by the gynecologists and the statutory health insurance companies now also cover the costs.

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