I was just a young doctor when I first toured the Heidelberg Castle in Germany. As is the case in many castles in Europe the narrow passage was dank and poorly lit. What light there was cast eerie shadows on the carefully placed stones that made up the walls leading to the alchemy lab. A sign on the wall read “No Photographs May Be Taken of the Alchemy Lab!” It struck me as odd at the time, that one could take pictures of any other room in the monstrously large Heidelberg Castle, just not this one.

Why not that room unless it was still being used for very metaphysical work that would be tainted by photographs somehow diluting or altering its carefully maintained energy?

A velvet rope prevented anyone from entering the lab literally at the doorway, which made for cramped viewing as other tourist strained to see into this large circular room.

It was obvious that this room was included in the original design of the castle if not one of the primary rooms that the rest of the castle was built around. The lab was situated within the castle in such a way as to ensure the necessary sacred geometry required by the master alchemists who worked to transmute energy to ensnare the senses and put a stopper in death.

The walls of the room were from all appearances over twelve feet thick with window holes cut at precise angles to align with planetary positions at key stellar events, directing the celestial energies directly upon the primary work area and cauldron located in the center of the dark laboratory. An ancient looking stuffed crocodile was suspended in one of the window shafts, facing outward, its significance was beyond me.

No electricity was apparently used in this lab, as its carefully maintained energy would be adversely affected. The lab was well equipped with the many beakers and hand-blown quartz glass paraphernalia unique to alchemy.

But the year was 1997, why no photographs allowed? Unless the ancient art is still being advanced in this dark castle?

For the uninitiated, alchemy is not the same as chemistry, although a person desiring to learn alchemy is taken through chemistry as a kindergarten of sorts on the path to learning to transmute matter and control the physical universe through spiritual methods.

The number one most widespread and profitable industry in the world is the pharmaceutical empire, predominantly controlled by twenty families in Europe.

The family tree and roots of pharmaceuticals is alchemy of the highest order. Its root word is Pharmakeia, from the original Greek, meaning the illusionary spells and potions of witchcraft either designed to relieve suffering or to harm.

According to Dictionary.com the definition of the word, Illusion is something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

Another important definition to know is that of the word, Allopathic, as in Allopathic Medicine, the medicine practiced by all conventional hospitals and physicians. Allopathic Medicine is defined as the removal of symptoms through medicines. These medicines create the illusion of health, due to the fact that they only seek to mask the symptoms. Many allopathic medicines are generally to be taken for the rest of the person’s life, since the cause remains unchanged, hence the illusion of health.

All of this may seem pretty extreme in this day and age, spells, potions, pharmaceuticals, however consider today’s headline of the largest healthcare newsletter in the world, “In less than a year, virtually all medicinal herbs will be illegal in the European Union.

In their take-no-prisoners strategy to wipe out every penny of competition and gain complete control of the health of the people, Big Pharma and Agribusiness have scored a major win in Europe. Similar, potentially devastating battles are also underway in the U.S.”

My first thought was what does the pharmaceutical industry gain by eliminating the use of herbal nutraceuticals? Then the experience of the German alchemy lab came to mind. It is a battle between the forces and plans of darkness and the forces of light. It has nothing to do with money, they already have all the money. It has to do with the powers of darkness’ control over the body, mind, and spirit of every man, woman, and child on the planet, not just now, but in the offspring of future generations. These future generations won’t even stand a chance. They will be born corrupted by the medicines/drugs taken by their parents.

By definition and philosophy allopathic medicine works to create the illusion of health in the body and mind and the reality is that underneath the pills the body is still sick and therefore because the body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected and all interdependent when the body is sick, the mind will not work right, and when the mind will not work right the ability of the person to access the spirit and the perception of the Divine is cut! Prayers become rote words without power or the sensation of connection to the Divine within.

The alchemists of old manipulated the same herbs that grow in our fields and roadways turning them into spagyric formulations to heal the body and beguile the senses. Today Big Pharma is still beguiling the senses through drugs like Prozac and the entire arsenal of drugs designed in modern-day alchemy labs housed in huge factory looking, heavily fortified facilities that are behind electrified fences and heavily guarded like no other industry in the world short of prisons...and the castles of old.

Herbal medicines used by skilled physicians are the only medicaments that are powerful enough to break the drug-induced, body-computer-viruses that are being distributed by well-meaning doctors.

By eliminating herbal medicines from the market the entire world will be required to submit to their law-mandated drugs and vaccines as the only way to find relief from the maladies they introduce into the world. A vast majority of television commercials are carefully attempting to entice you into using their drugs. Pressure is coming from all sides to mandate their vaccines for more and more non-life threatening reasons.

Be warned. Be aware. Be prepared. Once the European Union passes this law it is only a matter of time before the United States passes the same law, “for the good of the people.” You will need to learn to identify, grow, and use medicinal plants from your yard, garden, or from the fields and forests.

American Biological Medicine is the only pure philosophy of healing that does not mix conventional illusionary medicines with natural medicines. Complementary and Integrative Medicine are terms for treatment philosophies that still use the drugs but throw in some natural things so you feel you are getting the best of both worlds. It is a error in judgment at best and at worst many are dying prematurely and with little to no true spiritual connection.

By the way, the first words of the Hippocratic Oath sworn to by Allopathic Physicians states, “I swear by Apollo, the healer, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath and agreement…”

From the Holy Bible: “We are destroyed from a lack of knowledge.” “The leaves of the trees shall be medicine unto you.” “The laying on of hands and the anointing with oils will heal the sick.” “I would that you not be unwise the methods and strategies of the powers of darkness.” “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of darkness.” “I have given you the power over all the powers of darkness, and nothing by any means will hurt you…and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Choose your side now. Consider the bigger picture of what is happening before you submit to anything made by Big Pharma.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. David Jernigan is the Founder/Owner and Physician Director at Hansa Center for Optimum Health. A researcher, lecturer and clinical physician dedicated to restoring the health of those who have degenerative and chronic illness; people come from around the world for healing and restoration weekly at the Hansa Center.