Sphatik Crystal or the Quartz stone, also known as the rhinestone is a jewel associated with tremendous power. This has very often been referred to as the universal crystal.

Recognizing sphatik is easy, the stone is associated with a great deal of clarity, and transparency as well. The key property that the sphatik crystal has is to allow a wearer to get rid of all the negativity in the environment, so that the positive vibes reach him with in a more enhanced manner. A wearer thus finds protection from all negative energies in the environment.

The stone, in general works on spiritual, mental and physical facets. In particular, the stone is adored by all because it acts as a natural coolant of the mind. On adorning a sphatik mala, one keeps cool and calm in general.

An aspect of sphatik mala which is very often ignored or overlooked by people is its benefits on our health. With its cooling and regulating properties in place, a sphatik mala acts as an ideal adornment for someone who may be suffering from hypertension. And it is a great idea to wear sphatik if one is suffering from fever.

It has very often been said that a sphatik mala works wonders for one if one is living in any of the extreme temperatures. Sphatik regulates body temperatures; hence people often wear the sphatik mala around the neck.

In fact, the sphatik stone acts as a wonderful remedy for overall health. With the sphatik crystal, one finds relief from headaches, and this also relieves one from high stress levels and tension. It’s mainly a crystal which promotes holistic health.

If one has over time been suffering insomnia, sphatik crystal is the best way to assure sound and undisturbed sleep. The body finds healing in all possible ways.
In addition, the sphatik crystal makes the mind sharper. It works for students, one retains what he learns. A sense of deep harmony prevails in the environment as the stone balances energies.

Alternately, with sphatik crystal, emotional and deep relationship find strength as the mind is strengthened. It is a must try crystal.

It is even believed that when one wears a spahatic crystal, sexual prowess is strengthened many times over.
The best part is that sphatik acts as a radiator of positive energies, as it acts a great protection from negativity. So, all endeavors in life come across success.

And sphatik is often recognized as the best healing stone as can be. The mind and body find healing in a tremendous way, and this also works on deeper emotional and psychological levels. A person finds a deeper sense of spirituality about life in general on adorning a sphatik mala.

With good luck and positive energy that an individual finds on adorning a sphatik crystal, the mental prowess is boosted many times over. A person becomes intelligent, finds wisdom and sense of well being is promoted.
As sphatik facilitates overall flow of energies in the body, this makes it an ideal alternative for holistic healing.

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