Everyone thinks once you’re blind, you’re blind. That’s it. A permanent condition. When I was blind, they told me it was forever. The doctors told me so. The Braille Institute told me so. They all said “Accept, adjust, and learn to live in the world as best you can.” I became blind due to brain-damage from an acute toxic chemical exposure. From the beginning, I was convinced it was a temporary condition, but I was the only one who believed that. They sent me to Braille, where you’re required to take a class called “Adjustment to Blindness;” a class run like a therapy group, where newly blind people share their experiences, heartaches, frustrations, fears. Braille’s an incredible place. They helped me there in so many ways--especially by helping me get and learn talking computers. Once I learned to use that technology, I began to live two lives: in the “real” world, I was “that poor sick blind woman.” I looked sick. I looked blind. I spoke more and more like a stroke victim. But on-line, no one could tell those things. I joined online communities and and made many friends. They couldn’t tell how long it took me to write a post. Online, I didn’t black out and fade away in the middle of a conversation. My online friends cheered me on, shared information I needed, and helped me get Well Again.

One of those friends is Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, now a well-known author and Wellness expert. We’ve never met in person--but I’ve known and appreciated her for years. When she asked me to be on her live online radio talk show and talk about my experience with Blindness, Brain Injuries, and Learning Disabilities, I was thrilled. There was so much to talk about, she asked me to guest two weeks in a row and we e-mailed back and forth about the kinds of things her listeners wanted to hear about. In one of our exchanges, she mentioned she wanted to talk about how she helped her blind son to see. I didn’t even know she had a blind son--and there are so many ways of seeing, even when you’re blind. But I figured my curiosity would be assuaged when the subject came up and I’d hear about it the same time as her listeners. As she told the story, I was so deeply moved, I found myself filled with wonder and weeping tears of joy. I knew it would become a story I tell.

Dr LeAnne loves Science, Nature, Healing, and especially Children. She has twelve of them--and six grandchildren! In college, she studied Psychological and Elementary Education and got her Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Physiology. She became a Chiropractic Physician, and spent many years working with Amish people,
not only treating musculo-skeletal problems with chiropractic, but she became their primary physician, treating problems such as ear infections, viruses, appendicitis, Chronic Fatigue syndromes, allergies, infertility, learning disabilities, and a myriad of other ailments with naturopathic medicine.

Dr LeAnne’s son Enoch was born blind and deaf, with cerebral palsy and severe autism. She says a lot of children are born with learning disabilities because of lack of oxygen in utero. Even though she’d learned the standard medical belief of that day--that brain injuries don’t heal, brain cells can’t regenerate, and she wasn’t yet a doctor--she had her own belief about brains. She believed that brains could heal. She read a book called “What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child or Your Brain-damaged, Mentally Retarded, Mentally Deficient, Cerebral-palsied, Epileptic, Autistic, Athetoid, Hyperactive, Attention Deficit Disordered, Developmentally Delayed, Down’s Child” by a man named Glen Doman, and she knew she had to take his class. She worked with him for a week, learning things like curling and reflex work. She learned what to do to help her son.

Dr LeAnne went home to work with her beloved child--her little boy who’d never seen his mother’s face or heard her voice. She was determined. She’d go into his dark room at night--and every half hour, she flashed bright lights into her son’s face. Over and over again. She’d take a break and then resume the flashing again. She also used an air-horn, blasting the sound near his head--but Enoch didn’t react--he couldn’t hear it. His skull had been crushed at birth and she’d been getting cranial work done with him--to move the plates of the skull to make more room for his brain. She didn’t know about essential oils then, and she thinks this work would have been faster if she’d been able to incorporate them into her program.

Every night, LeAnne would go into Enoch’s darkened room and flash the lights in his face as she’d learned. Over and over again. She’d blast the air-horn. She was tireless.
LeAnne wasn’t blind, so when she’d finish the light therapy, she’d turn on the lights so she could move around her blind son’s room and look at her child. One night, she’d put him to bed as usual, kissed him and tucked him in. She went to the door and turned out the lights--and Enoch started to scream. She turned the lights back on and he stopped screaming. She stared at her blind son in wonder. He was looking around the room, looking at her, looking at the walls and everything around him. Enoch could clearly SEE.

She was filled with gratitude and gave thanks--but her work wasn’t done. She began to use black and white images on his walls for contrast therapy. After a while, she added some red. She kept working and working to help Enochs brain and sight mechanisms develop better and better. When the day came he became startled and annoyed at the air-horn blast, she gathered her tools to help him hear. She used bells, and things like crumpled paper which he loved the sound of. She used many different things near his ears that many different sounds and felt blessed each time he responded. She began to
say the word for the objects she was using to make the sounds for Enoch. She tells about the day she was using the sound he seemed to love best--crumpling paper by his ear and she said “Pa-per.” Enoch looked at her and grinned. “Pa-per,” she repeated. He looked her in the eye with great satisfaction. He GOT it. Enoch understood she was telling him the name of what he was hearing.

As Enoch’s brain and hearing mechanisms began to heal, she noticed he was hearing--but he was hearing too many things at once. (This is a common experience with injured brains that many people--even doctors--don’t understand--and don’t tell their brain-injured patients to watch out for. To an injured brain, too much or different kinds of
input can be overwhelming. I myself had to discover this on my own--and adjust what I listened to as my own brain started to fry. Too much input from sound--or certain sounds--like applause--could send me into multiple seizures that would just decimate me and wipe me out for days.) LeAnne began to do ear contrast therapy with earplugs. She’d put earplugs in Enoch’s ears. First she’d take one earplug out and then the other. She continued training his brain to develop better and better with sounds and ear contrast therapy. She kept telling him the names of the sounds he was now hearing.

Thanks to his mother’s love and sheer determination to not give up and learn what to do, Enoch, born blind and deaf, could now see and hear. He didn’t walk until he was about 8 years old. Dr. LeAnne had learned about therapeutic grade essential oils by then, and she went to Cancun to see a wise, kind man-- one of the world’s foremost authorities on essential oils and medical aromatherapy, which is a common practice in other countries, with a long and ancient history. But it’s just getting known in our country. He told her which oils to use on her son: oils of Frankincense and Myrrh, Idaho Balsam Fir, Peppermint, and Kunaiza, and how to use them. Dr LeAnne went back home, got the oils Dr Gary Young had told her about and began to use them on her son--every day, over and over again. She went through a LOT of oils. She applied them to to head, his feet, and dropped them along his spine the way Gary Young had taught her to. She did this every day, many times a day. In six weeks, Enoch could walk.

Dr LeAnne’s powerful belief that she could help her son, her belief that his terribly injured brain could heal, and her actions, her battle, and her quest for the Treatments That WORKED, let a child who was born blind and deaf, and many other problems they were given no hope for, now see, and hear, and walk.

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Artist-Activist-Dancer-Performance Artist, Lifelong Peak Performer & Creative Peak Performance/Natural Wellness Expert, Inspirational Motivational Speaker, & author of:
Zeeva:the Art of Wellness the True Story of How Z Got Well Again and You Can Too!

Decimated by an acute toxic chemical exposure from an illegal installation of legal industrial chemicals near her studio in 1998 and given up for a "permanently blind, permanently brain-damaged, permanently disabled" goner ready for a board and care by the MD's--Z used all her skills and knowledge, learned talking computers to get more, practiced the Arts she'd spent her life learning and teaching--including what's now called a "Wellness Lifestyle," found cutting-edge Science, and got Well Again anyway.

During her blind years,as she began to get Well, she became the Getty Center's only blind docent, touring sighted visitors and challenging them to see what she could not, performed ancient Greek myths as part of a Storytelling team at the Getty, sat on the board of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council's Arts, Aesthetics, & Culture committee, opened and was Creative Director of a Body-Mind-Spirit fitness studio in LA’s Arts District, and became an online Natural Wellness personality--sharing knowledge and inspiring others. Then she got her sight back!

Today, she is creating Art again at Helicon-in-the High-Desert, writing Zeeva's FREE Wellness Weekly, & blogging on topics that range from Art & Science, Empowerment, Inspiration, Consciousness, 21st Century ChangeMakers, Staying Well, Living Well, & Being Well in the 21st Century, Beating the Odds and BEATING Brain Injuries--Naturally at http://zartofwellness.com