I would like to introduce precious breathing exercise for healing some of acute headaches and migraines.

It is very simple and effective technique of breathing exercise was developed by Russian singer Strelnikova.
Medical research in Russia proved that it helps to recover from chronic asthma and respiratory allergies.

The method is very simple:

Stand in the straight position, bend your hands with elbows downward and palms watching forward, in this position
you will need to make 4 short, active loud inhales and at the same time grab the air and make a fists with two hands.

Active, short and loud inhale through nose is followed by 4 passive silent exhales through the mouth at the same time relaxing fists and opening your palms.
After 4 inhales and exhales relax for 4-5 seconds then continue for another 4, and in total you will need to make 24 inhales and exhales.

Afterward give yourself some time to relax and assess your feelings, if headache is still there continue for another few inhales and exhales in the way I described earlier.

What people say:

“I had throbbing headache just before the important meeting, pain was such strong that I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I decided to try Strelnikova breathing and in few minutes my pain was gone…"

Here is more information on causes and treatments on headaches:


Author's Bio: 

Lucie Mori was born into a family of psychics.
From the age of ten, she learned oriental
techniques and spiritual healing.

In 2002, she started consultations for health,
happiness and personal growth. Here, she
sought to bring harmony and balance to people
through nature, art and design, where beauty
and spirituality meet to create a happier
home and a brighter life.