This series is to reminisce about times gone by as well as future events for you to ponder. Life is so amazing! We learn and grow from each new experience.
When you look at life it is more than going from point A to point B, it is about the journey in between; the ups and downs and the people and experiences along the way.
A time of childhood is the most innocent and fun times in life. Riding bicycles with kids in the neighborhood, going to a friend’s house and playing games, or just hanging out at the mall. There was always plenty to talk about; homework, sports, clothes, and of course boys. Real friendships were made, lifelong friendships, the kind that said I will always be there for you.
But what if it wasn’t that way? What if your childhood was hellacious? What if you had drunk parents or parents who were addicted to drugs, or a parent who beat you or raped you? What if the kids at school were not so nice to you and taunted you every day? What if you weren’t allowed to play outside or socialize with others? What if your childhood was a living nightmare? What if you were homeless and hungry?
Both scenarios are experiences which make up who you are. It is up to you to decide the kind of person that you want to be. Leave what doesn’t suit you, learn from it and carry with you only what you need.
The journey continues; high school. What a great time in life! There are a lot of first’s in high school; first date, first kiss, and first job and so on. There were the High School football games, cheerleading tryouts, old friends who moved away and new ones that were just being made. Life was so carefree back then, the biggest thing to think about was who you were going to meet up with afterschool.
For some, high school didn’t change much from grade school. The kids grew up, but their mouths only got bigger, more taunting continued. There was no prom, no places to meet up, only work. You were lucky to still be in school at this point. Some had a full time and a part time job to help pay bills when dad skipped out. Making money for the family was more important than having any childhood memories. Then for some, it was teenage pregnancy, lost loves, and abortion. Life as a teenager can change so quickly.
Learn from each experience, take only what you need. Acknowledge the pain and realize that that pain was from that time and you don’t need to carry it with you any longer.
Adulthood is such a fun time, you get to carry around all the fun experiences you’ve had thus far in life and make even more.
There’s college, the wedding and soon the baby will be due. There’s the new job, the big house and the new car, all are so important in your daily life. You have yoga class after you drop off your son at practice. You get a raise and plan the family vacation. You do as much as you can with your children so they can stand on the solid ground of stability. Weekdays are full of work and weekends are full of dreams and fun times. Friends, some old and some new, come by to check on you. What is going on in your life now? Who has what? Whose is better than whose? Who made it out of the neighborhood unscathed by the drugs and peer pressure? Who didn’t make it along the way? Who has been with you along your journey?
As you sit in your seat, think about your journey. How far have you traveled to get where you are? Remember the occasions that you laughed your butt off, remember the people who had such an impact on your life, but most importantly, remember how you felt during all of those experiences. Those experiences made you who you are today. I’d say that was one hell of a journey. Carry your memories onto the next blog next week as the series continues.

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