I recently began to ask my email subscribers to send in questions for me. If I use your question – you will receive a 1/2 hour free session. You can subscribe here and also receive my ebook, “How to Heal Pain Naturally” for FREE. I know many people have the same questions and I see this as a way of helping my readers help others. I am very grateful for that. Last week A.T. from Ireland asked the following question:

"I’ve heard recently of a very well known teacher of law of attraction who had breast cancer years ago and is ill again. I found “The Secret” almost 4 yrs ago after a diagnosis of breast cancer (early thank God). This has really knocked me as I would have thought someone so positive would not attract this?" Thank you.

Thanks A.T. for your question. I am sure this is one many people have wondered about.

My thoughts are this… We ALLL have stuff in our life. MUCH from this life and some from some past lives too. As we take this spiritual journey it is like peeling off layers. Some come off verrry easily. Some not so easily. Some it is like you have half the layer pulled off and the rest is not yet ready to come off. Walking around saying affirmations and being a positive person does not mean you do not have this third dimensional life to contend with along with all its challenges.

I have heard people including Buddhist nuns and people who have been on their own spiritual journey for 30-40 years say they STILL face challenges with this existence! We all have things to face and hopefully overcome. Breast cancer is HEART chakra related so ANY relationship issue… spouse, parents, children, siblings, friends, community or even receiving LOVE from the Divine can cause disturbances with this. These include but are not limited to unresolved feelings from past relationships; guilt, loss, anger and the many other emotions that can go along with a relationship. I know from my own experience I have done work on a past relationship and really felt it healed – and it had (as much as I was ready for in that moment). Then years later something else related but DIFFERENT popped up I needed to contend with.

We are energetic beings and while a positive attitude goes a LONG way and definitely HELPS the chances of healing TREMENDOUSLY – it does not stop the stuff from coming up in our life that we need to deal with. If we are saying we are positive all the time and masking our STUFF that we need to deal with – the symptoms WILL get louder – NOT as punishment but as a way to get us to pay attention and to begin to heal. Our body is ALWAYS sending us messages – sometimes things need to manifest on that physical level to REALLY get our attention. I KNOW that is WHY I got sick.. I would not have HEARD the messages any other way – and even then it took me 7 years to “get it”. I could say I was a slow learner. BUT I believe my illness was my greatest teacher and I would not change a thing because then I would not be where I am and have the deep love of all things healing that I do.

Illness CAN be a teacher. We are used to calling things “good” or “bad” but honestly everything just “is”. There are always MANY ways to look at things. I know personally it is no fun being sick. BUT it gives us time to MAKE us slow down and THINK. Sometimes in that process alone we can heal. With assets such as positivity the chances are MUCH GREATER of healing. We are all on our own journeys and we cannot know WHY something happens to someone else. It will be up to her to figure it out. With her tools and experience – I have a pretty good feeling she will.

Also keep in mind that (I am in no way saying this will happen in this case) but sometimes death and passing on IS the healing. We cannot know what is in that person’s Highest good. This was a very difficult one to learn as a healer. I felt I wanted to help people to heal physically ALL THE time. I learned early on I could not hold that attachment as that was not fair to anyone involved. My lesson was given to me when one of my first clients passed away. It was a neighbor who I truly believed would heal physically and I felt pretty devastated. I went to her funeral and was greeted by her relatives who said my work with her had given her a deep peace that she had not had before. THAT was her healing before she passed.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks so much for asking it A.T. and I am sure it was on other people’s minds as well. I look forward to our session.

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Jenny Mannion discovered her passion for healing after healing herself of several chronic diseases. Since, she has written over 200 articles on healing and has become an alternative healing practitioner; reading Akashic Records and practicing Energy Medicine as well as being a mind/body mentor.