This article focuses on women and the strong, nourishing love which we have within us. We share all of our unique qualities with others while on our amazing journey through life.
Throughout time men have been the providers and women have been the nurturers. It was when women joined the workforce that the world recognized our strengths.
It is 2016 and throughout time our society has made it way too easy for a man to walk away from his responsibilities, leaving a mother and his children to suffer. The action of walking away robs both the mother and child of a fulfilling life and the child of all the love and qualities that only a father has. The financial burden on the family is so overwhelming that sometimes takes a lifetime to recoup. When there is no father, it leaves a hole in the child’s heart and soul; it is time to start the mending.
A woman’s soul is nurturing. Her children are the lifeline to her soul. When this unit is broken, the entire world feels her pain. Where there is love, there is stability. Where there are burdens and added pressures it travels down to the next generation. A woman is not at a man’s feet but by his side, his equal. Not all nations or nationalities are accepting of this. For some, a woman is beneath a man, one day may you rise and stand tall.
No person should be denied an education, a meal, a roof over their head and equality in the workforce, the day these things happen is the day that our world will be healed.
When thinking of a woman or a child, you cannot help but think about human/sex trafficking. Why is human/sex trafficking so prominent in our world? It is because we live in a broken society. It is because men not only feel that women are the weaker sex, but children are too. The bullies are casting such a deep hurt on these women and children that it will carry to future generations. They are winning this war on human/sex trafficking due to their deep rooted perversions, greed and disregard for all human life.
How do you heal the world? You do this by healing one woman and one child at a time. You do this by acknowledging and disgracing each nation that allows this to happen. By looking into each crack and crevice of our globe and helping these children. Just because something is not right in front of your face does not mean that it doesn’t exist. It does exist and it is time for it NOT to be acceptable. You stop it by not allowing the men to go free and by enforcing some very strict laws. It is time to fix the brokenness. It is time for a woman and child to feel safe, for a mother not have to work two jobs to support her family. It is time for a woman and her children to not have to pay by sacrificing their wants and needs while a man does not have to. The number of children that go hungry in this world is NOT acceptable! There is absolutely no reason for it. There should be no such thing as homelessness or hunger in our society. Who do you think is more likely to be homeless; a man or a woman and her family? It is a woman and her family.
I have the utmost respect for a woman who tries to keep her family together despite everything that happens in this world to pull it apart. Our world needs the love of a mother who is not afraid to step in when their child goes astray. A weak woman turns her head. Being a mother is a hard job and the rewards are many. Be the ear and the shoulder they need, teach them love and respect; be all that a child holds dear. Our world needs more strong women. Our world needs more strong men. Our world needs more fathers.
If you help a single mother who’s struggling, you help the next generation. And in turn you help save the world from itself. We have to focus on preventing these things from happening as well as healing those affected by it.

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