A new 1080p Plasma, LCD or Plasma HDTV is a very good acquisition for an entertainment center. However, before installing all and make popcorn, you should calibrate the flat screen HDTV so that you benefit as much as you can from what this expensive best buy HDTV can offer you. Most people are not aware of the fact that when a flat screen TV is delivered, it has the factory settings. Those settings are made especially for watching in a high light like those in the electronic magazines or any other showrooms.

There are also other reasons for which you should calibrate your television set. For ecological reasons, the calibration leads to a lower energy consumption. Not only this thing will affect less the environment, but you can also save money on the energy bill. To these reasons you can also add the benefit that, if less energy gets into pixels, the longer your TVs life will be, because in general, the image of a device with flat panel will degrade in time.

The cheaper calibration of the HDTV

Almost any DVD which was released starting with 2000, uses the THX standard for controlling the video and audio quality. Hidden in any DVD, there is a small "movie" which will allow you to configure the HDTV settings to higher performances. The only thing that you need is a pair of optimized THX glasses. You can buy them online. This is not the best way to configure the HDTV, but is a better one than the naked eye or the use of the display as it is.

The HDTV calibration from the point of view of the cost

I think that this method is more efficient and consists in buying a calibration DVD. This DVD has more options and settings to choose from when you calibrate your 32 inch TV or any other size your TV may have. There are different places where these types of DVDs are sold and the best ones are the configuration DVDs, DVE (Digital Video Essential) HD Basic. It will provide you color tests, contrast, shades of gray and many other which will help you to configure the HDTV at optimal settings. This operation may take some time so espect to stay in front of your TV for 1-2 hours.

The expensive calibration of your HDTV

It is called the expensive method because requires a higher investment than the previous method. Principally, this method requires the acquisition of a calorimeter which measures the display colors and offer suggestions in accordance to measurements. These calorimeters can be very expensive. The settings made with a calorimeter takes about half an hour. You can recover your investment and even make more money by configuring your friends TVs.

An expensive calibration method

This method is the most expensive one and you have to call an authorized technician. The prices for the calibration services varies between regions and technicians, but you can call to a service center and they will send a team to configure your high definition television set. The advantage of this method is that the technician does all the work while you are relaxing.

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