When you review the HDTV characteristics you should take a look at the elements which should help you picking the best TV for the media type you intend to view. There are a lot of characteristics and technical specifications which are used in the HDTV description. Some of the most important are..


The native resolution – represents the number of horizontals pixels and vertical pixels which may render. The higher the native resolution is, the better. A 1080p display will have the native resolution 1920 x 1080 and any native resolution smaller then that it's not 1080p. Any native resolution smaller than 1280 x 720 (720p) it's not really high definition and you should choose a system with a 1080p resolution, especially that the prices decreased. Some people may say that there is not enough media which is rolling with 1080p, but even if it's true, this thing will change and will be more and more media in the near future.

The contrast rate

There is a difference between the white pixels (the lighter ones) and the black pixels (the darker ones). The higher the rate is, the better. A big contrast rate will produce a really amazing quality with a 1080p 60 inch TV. You can observe this thing at the LCD displays. They have a smaller native contrast and producers will promote the dynamic contrast, which is actually the quantity of lightness that the system is capable to produce it in time.

The video processor – is a microchip in HDTV which is processing all the signals that come in the system. If the screen has a weak video-processor, then it will display an image with poor quality when it's playing high definition or standard definition. What you have to do? Probably it would take too much time to search what video processor and which one it's used in high definition screens. The most efficient tool which you can use it when you buy a high definition screen are the eyes. When you pick the best buy HDTV, also bring a favorite DVD or favorite movie and ask the store staff to rule it on the TV and judge the aspect. Remind yourself just one thing, the high definition television sets from the store are calibrated for "showroom mode", so that, with the right calibration you can improve the image quality. If you want to buy your TV online, you should pay attention to the comments of those who bought the product and their opinions.

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