Over the past 6 months I have had a couple dozen people tell their personal experience with the HCG diet. They tell me that they are eating only 500 calories a day and they are not hungry. How can this be? I had a 240 pound man tell me that he was eating 500 hundred calories a day and was not starving to death. This guy was probably accustomed to eating 4000 calories a day prior to going on this diet plan. This is really when I began do get interested in the biological intricacies of this program. The people that I have spoken with are using real HCG administered by injection. Do not be fooled by the so called homeopathic HCG, these are scams.

HCG is a natural hormone that is released by women in the early stages of pregnancy. In fact it is the hormone that is tested for in the urine on all of the home pregnancy tests on the market. The original studies on HCG in the 1950’s were focused on its ability to aid in genital development. Because of this it began to be used as an effective treatment for boys with delayed puberty. Once the boys began using the HCG they went into puberty and were able to develop normally. Researches noted at that time that many of these boys also experienced dramatic fat loss while on the HCG.

It began to be theorized that the HCG released by pregnant women was a survival mechanism for the developing fetus. The HCG would force the body to direct its stored caloric energy in the form of fat to the fetus in times of caloric depravation. In other words, this hormone would enable women to survive on very few calories and still have the baby develop normally. This natural hormonal response went a long way in assuring survival of the species during periods of low food availability.

How does all this apply to using HCG to burn stored body fat? It seems to direct the body to access stored body fat for its primary energy source if the person is following a very low calorie diet. You may say, well of course you lose weight eating only 500 calories a day. I fully agree with that. The amazing thing about this diet is that you are able to eat such low calories and not feel hungry. The HCG directs the body to flood the bloodstream with calories from stored body fat. This is how it is able to curb appetite so dramatically.

The other thing that is very positive about this diet is that it seems to be very muscle sparing. Muscle sparing means that you will lose very little lean muscle tissue on this program. My main problem with almost all of the fad diets that have ever existed is that most of the weight that is lost is in the form of lean muscle tissue. Loosing lean muscle mass is always terrible. It is absolutely the worst thing you can do for your health and metabolism. The dietary protocol for the HCG diet is getting the bulk of the 500 daily calories from protein. I really like this part of the dietary protocol because protein is responsible for protecting lean muscle tissue while dieting.

It seems that the average weight loss while on the HCG diet is 1 or 2 pounds each day. The maximum length of time to be on the program is 40 days. Research has noted that the weight loss benefits diminish greatly after 40 days of continuous use. For people that need to lose very large amounts of weight they can stay off the protocol for a time and then go back on for an additional 40 days. There are some recommended nutritional supplements to use when on the program. Also, when you are on the program you can only use certain makeup and body care products. The fat and oils that are in these products can be absorbed through the skin and slow down the weight loss while on the protocol.

HCG is currently being marketed in both injections and orally administered forms. I believe the companies marketing the homeopathic pills and drops are being deceitful. True HCG is only available through subcutaneous injection. Subcutaneous injections are done using a very small insulin needle administered into the fat layer just under the skin surface. Injections must be done on a daily basis. These subcutaneous shots are virtually painless and not like deep intramuscular injections. Because of the growing popularity of this diet any scam products have come available both locally and online. My suggestion is to only use real HCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin) and be very sure of the source of your information. It is worth paying little extra money and going about it properly when it comes to your health.

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