Have you ever been in a situation you could do Absolutely Nothing about? I have – multiple times.

Any one with adult children experiences that total feeling of helplessness and frustration when you see your adult children making harmful choices and there is not a thing you can do about it.

The worst ‘can do nothing about experience’ for me was when I found out my six month old son, David, had a rare but very serious form of Muscular Dystrophy. We were told that David would never walk, be able to live a normal life and would probably not live very long.

For three years, I fought accepting the reality that my son would not get better. I kept asking “Why?”, ” Why my son?”, “Why me?” Until one day I realized that there were no answers to “Why” questions. All they do is spiral you down into despair. I realized that the “Why” didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered is what I was going to do about it.

However, that is a whole lot easier to say than do. I didn’t have the knowledge I have now, to help me accept the things that can’t be changed. If I had, my life and the lives of my other children would have been so much happier and healthier.

David died at the age of seven. I did not handle it well, my other children suffered and I got sick. I have since learned that 85% of all physical pains, illnesses and injuries are negative emotion based.

Are there things in your past or your present life that you can’t do anything about? If you are having trouble accepting a situation that you have no control over, I can help.

Author's Bio: 

Sheryl Stanton is a registered nurse, stress relief specialist, speaker and trainer, as well as the author of three stress-relief books and DVD sets. She was chosen to receive the “Woman of Worth” Health and Wellness Award for 2010. She is available for interviews and can be reached by email: stressrelief@shaw.ca, by phone (604) 820 8439 or through her website: http://www.SherylStanton.com.