Faith is one of the keys to living a life filled with peace and joy. Being connected spiritually will help you to have faith, which is believing in that which is unseen. Quantum physics explains that all possibilities exist in the quantum field (otherwise known as the future to us). Our thoughts are charged with a certain frequency which will attract the outcome that has the strongest charge to it. If you know that everything is possible and that you have the power to create the outcome you desire, you suddenly become much more aware of your thoughts and what you want to bring into your life!

You are in the driver’s seat!

Understanding and accepting the power you have to create, will all of a sudden put you into the driver’s seat. You are in control of what you want to experience. Even with the toughest times, when you believe you can change the future, you will. If you give away your power by being scared or falling into the victim mentality, then you end up living your life by default—which is what the majority of people do because they do not understand the Laws of the Universe. This was one of the big lessons we learned going through those very difficult years.

So many people will say “I’ll believe it when I see it” but the opposite is just as true “I’ll see it when I believe it.” If you have a strong belief—faith—in something, the action you are taking is having the same thought that is positively charged over and over again. It is the Law of Attraction at work that what you believe in will come to be. From the quantum physics perspective, you’ll bring that experience into your life because that is what you expect to see.

Don’t forget to allow

The Bible states “ask and you will receive”. Abraham-Hicks teachings add a middle but very important step in this process: 1. ask, 2. allow, and 3. receive. Allow means have a little patience in life for goodness sakes! If you plant a seed and go digging it up, you are messing up with the allowing process. A seed needs to be nurtured and cared for before it’ll break through the ground and start to grow. There is a gestation period for all dreams. Some refer to this as the Law of Gestation, which is saying allow things to come into being. This is the key to faith. It really is having trust and patience that the outcome you desire will come to pass. Faith gives you what you need while you wait for the seeds of your dreams to break through.

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