You have a right and even a responsibility to be happy. Happiness is
a state of mind. Many people let life pass them by because they choose
to be unhappy. They sit around complaining, worrying, procrastinating,
and gossiping about other people instead of making the most of every day.
They talk about the past and how it was “back when.” Some of them live
in the state of “one time.” “One time” we did this and “one time” we did
that. People who talk and think mainly about the past don’t move forward.
They seem to think they will repeat past happiness by reliving their past
experiences. In the meantime, their real life circumstances aren’t very
happy. How sad that they are reminiscing about how life was “back when”
and aren’t living each day to its fullest now. Why aren’t they trying to
make themselves happy today? They don’t have a clue how difficult it is
for others to be around them.

Other people talk about “someday when.” “Someday when” I make a
lot of money, “someday when” I meet the right person, “someday when”
my kids are out of school. But “someday when” comes and there’s another
“someday when” holding them back. Maybe you are one of these people. If
you’ve ever glorified the future believing when something changes, everything
else will be better, then you are guilty of living in the future.
If you are looking to BUY your happiness, your material desires will always
outgrow and outpace your income, The truth is, if you are not happy with yourself,
no amount of money will change things. There will always be someone
who earns more than you, has more than you, and spends more than you.
Projecting your life into the future is a way of avoiding the present . . . not
taking responsibility for now.

This is very similar to the state of “if only.” “If only” I were thin, “if
only” I had more money, “if only” I had a better education, and the ultimate
declaration: “If only” I’d win the lottery. Wishing and waiting are
not powerful. They will not bring the changes you seek. My feeling is “if
only” you’d concentrate on what you can do today to take the steps toward
what you want to be, do, and have, you’d be a lot happier. You’d be
achieving and accomplishing what you want, and you’d be enjoying the
journey as well. Whenever we spend too much time in the past or the
future, life seems to slip by before we ever accomplish what we want.

Quit making potholes into canyons
Stop worrying about little things and get on with your life. Our beliefs
determine our successes in life. The minister at my church once told me,
“Worry is a form of prayer and the form most people practice most often.”
I’m sure he didn’t mean to be negative, but he wanted me to realize what
people focus on is what they bring about. Worry is fear. Worry is a state
of mind which is brought about by indecision. Everything in your life begins
with an idea. If you have the idea something will go wrong, it will.
Make a decision to give up fear. Know that all things ultimately work out
for the best and this will bring you peace of mind, calmness, and power.
You will be able to think more rationally when you are at peace.

Life isn’t always easy
Who told you life was going to be easy? There are lots of troubles, irritations,
and pains in life. Things happen. Things go wrong. People don’t
always do what we want them to. Don’t depend on other people for your
happiness. Depend on yourself. Be who you are. Do the things you want
to do. Get for yourself the things you want to have. Don’t wait for someone
else to be it, do it, or get it for you. The only places you will find knights in
shining armor on white horses are in shows on the Las Vegas Strip and in
old black-and-white movies. No one is going to ride up and save you. Take
care of your own needs. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. You can’t
take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself. And if you aren’t
happy, the people around you won’t be happy either.

My dad used to remind me often, “Happiness is like being a lady or a gentleman.
If you have to try to be, you aren’t.” Make the choice to be happy NOW!

Author's Bio: 

Judi Moreo is the author of the award-winning book, “You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power.” She is a motivational speaker, self esteem strategist, and customer service trainer. You can reach Judi at (702) 896-2228 or