The number one mistake most people have when discussing happiness is the belief exterior forces have more control over his/her experience than they do. More often than not, we give our power over the experience away in hopes of it being a better experience than the one we could have created if we were in control. The outcome typically is nothing like we expect. Because this occurred as it did, we allow ourselves to right it off as still better than the way it would have occurred had we of been in control of it. Thus, the vicious cycle of the negative experience begins.

It is not up to another to make us happy. It has and will always be up to ourselves. Nothing can make us feel better about something than our own minds. In order to experience our day to day in a better or happier light we have to make the decision to do. Offering our power to an exterior force is giving us a poor return on our investments. This poor return would not be permitted if a monetary value was assigned because of the diminishing returns.

We just would not have the cash to continue on a path with so little return. However, when it comes to our happiness we allow this to occur because it takes nothing from us financially. Emotions, well we have that to give and give and give again. With free comes unlimited in our minds. Yet, it does have a price. It cost us our experience. When we give freely our experience we allow ourselves to be in a state of suffering and we make excuses as to why we continue with this state of being.

If we were to place a monetary cost on the experience we would only change when the cost became too pricey for us to continue. The only factor separating us then from freely giving ourselves away and paying is the lack of funds we would eventually incur. Yet, emotions we would continue to give away and have a bad experience for the sake of habits.

Life was never meant to be experienced through suffering, and yet, that is how most of us experience it. We toss our dreams out the minute our work demands more from us. We give up on our hopes the second someone comes around and laughs at us. We spend so much of our day worried about what another thinks or will think of us that we actually would rather suffer than experience happiness.

Well that has to stop. We have to stop giving our experiences away freely. It robs us of our life. That is a cost we are never able to recover. Time past is time gone. We have the power to change. Each day is a chance to take back our power and be more in control of our lives. Yes, it can be accomplished. We are the only person right for the role of leader in our lives.

Author's Bio: 

I have been a writer all my life. I published my first book in 2007. I have written murder mysteries to love stories, but found a passion with non-fiction. Since publishing my first non-fiction book, I have found a new place in the world. I am excited to inspire others to find happiness in their present life. I love coaching others to make changes to go after dreams they always wanted but allowed life to keep them from them. I am also the founder of a website designed to offer tips and coaching for people who just need a little push in the positive direction.