So often in our fast-paced, heavily consumer oriented society we are taught to believe that in order to be happy we must acquire a few things first. Things such as the perfect relationship, the perfect career, a lot of money, the perfect body, and the latest greatest gadgets, clothes, and cars. These things we are assured will bring us the happiness that so many of us are continuously seeking. Boy do we have it completely backwards!

Don’t get me wrong; I will fully admit that being wealthy makes it easier to be happy, as well as having a healthy body rather than one that’s overweight and/or weak. However if happiness was a direct result of wealth and a perfect body than everyone, without exception, that was wealthy and fit would have to be happy. And I’m willing to bet that we can all name at least one person, either someone we know or maybe a celebrity, who is both rich and fit and also miserable. How can this be? If lots of money and rock-hard abs, and hey let’s throw in a great relationship to the mix too, aren’t the keys to happiness then what are the real keys? What chance do the rest of us with less than stellar bodies and bank accounts have? Well allow me to (hopefully =) enlighten you a little bit: Happiness is a state of BEING, not a state of HAVING or DOING.

It is not the perfect relationship, body, or career that is going to bring us happiness; rather it is happiness that will bring us those things and so much more. Choosing to be happy (and yes happiness is always a CHOICE available to all of us in any given moment) and sending out the vibes of happiness is a direct communication to the Universe (God, Source, etc.) that clearly states “I love being happy; please send me more things, people, and events that will make me happy!” And the Universe always replies with “Your wish is my command!” and sends you more things that will make you happy.

The vibrations of happiness are among the most powerful ones we can send out. Choosing to be happy first, without outer circumstances changing or getting better, ensures that outer circumstances WILL get better. Your only job is to keep focusing on the good, no matter how little or few the good is, and making it your predominant intent that “today, no matter what happens, I’m choosing to be happy!” Keep this up day after day and your outer circumstances will most assuredly get better.

I challenge you! For the next seven days wake up every morning and say loudly and with feeling “today no matter what happens, I’m choosing to be happy!” When you proclaim this to the universe and, more importantly, actually feeeeel it your life no matter how aweful it may be right now WILL get better. It has to. So get to it! And please, most definitely come back and leave a comment about all the wonderful things that are manifesting in your life as a result of this simple, yet powerful challenge. And remember….you are magnificent!

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Vania Majarian is an in-demand law of attraction life coach. She specializes in the areas of self-love and intuition-specifically how to use both in order to engage the magic of attraction and live the life of your dreams. Contact her for a FREE 30 minute session.