Handmade silk is very much sought after and is also a 100% natural protein fiber product. With an outfit made from this fabric you will definitely experience both superb comfort and simple sophistication with its soft textures. Plus, your fabric purchase will often greatly benefit people in developing nations who may spend an enormous amount of time to create the product you purchase.

Your handmade silk outfit or scarf can be worn at any time of the year. It does not matter if it is warm, rainy, or cloudy outside. This fabric will make you fashionable anytime, anywhere.

Quite often, handmade items will cost more than the typical mass-produced product. The reasons for this are very easy to understand and appreciate. Large scale factory production can achieve economies of scale unlike that of an individually produced item.

However, these mass-produced products will lack the creativity and originality that are the features of handmade products. So even though you may pay a little extra for the handmade item, rest assured that the quality is of a high level and what you have purchased will not be readily available in your main street stores.

One of the big advantages of a handmade silk product is that it is unique. This also makes it a superb gift idea as it will be completely unexpected and as such will be both more exciting and memorable.

Handmade Thai silk creations have individuality and originality which makes them completely personal. Thai silk scarves are very popular handmade silk products and again these are both unique and original.

However, be careful of your fabrics' labeling. It is not uncommon to see designer silk scarves claiming to be hand-stitched and this should be shown on the label. But more often than not, the hand stitching only refers to the perimeter stitching on the item and this can be easily done in 5 minutes by any reasonably competent staff member.

So more than likely the scarf has been mass-produced and is not really a handmade product at all. Genuine handmade silk products reflect passions, emotions and are the end result of superb creativity and great skill passed down through generations.

Author's Bio: 

I am a Thai lady who founded our village community handmade silk project called Thai Silk Magic