Many people are concerned about the future of our planet and will it be a healthy place for our children and grand-children. Not only are we rapidly consuming the Earth's natural resources, we also ruin our atmosphere with poisonous chemicals like carbon dioxide as well as produce millions of non-biodegradable products.

More and more people are looking again at Eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible, in order to 'do their bit' for Planet Earth and our future generations

One simple way to assist in creating a healthier environment apart from walking to work or riding a bike rather than using your car, is to really look for and purchase natural products which are far safer and more Eco-friendly than synthetic products.

Many fabrics such as polyester and nylon rely on non-renewable and often polluting fossil fuels. Handmade pure silk comes from a completely renewable and totally Eco-friendly resource.

Silk is a natural protein fibre produced by caterpillars as they spin their cocoons and, although some of the elder people developing countries love to eat them, most nowadays are kept for breeding, so we can have a continuous production cycle.

Natural silk is also bio-degradable unlike plastics and many other materials that continue to clog up the rapidly growing number of land-fill sites everywhere around the world. Many fabrics that are fossil-powered and petroleum-based could take forever, if at all, to finally decompose. However, handmade silk, even though they are often precious keepsakes and family heirlooms, if no longer required can easily be converted into mulch and so further assist our environment.

Handmade silk products use little to no power in producing the fabric which makes them much more environmentally friendly. Not only that go looking for handmade silk items that only use 100% natural dyes for colours. Most silk scarves that are mass-produced in factories more than not pollute our atmosphere every single day.

However, choose these beautiful handmade silk accessories that are created entirely by hand using totally natural and Eco-friendly processes and you cannot go wrong! The handmade processes used to create your handmade silk scarves have been handed down through the generations and have absolutely no negative impact on our environment.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the range of choice, colours and items you can select from handmade silk. Not only are they beautiful pieces of fabric craft but they are durable and extremely versatile and cause very little if any harm to the environment.

So make the decision to purchase handmade silk for your next outfit or home accessory. Wearing handmade and naturally dyed silk scarves not only gives you the real benefit of the unique designs created with environmentally friendly techniques, but also versatile and a highly durable accessory.

Just think about it. You will be wearing with pride Eco-friendly, handmade silk products that is also a fabulous accessory.

Author's Bio: 

I am a Thai lady who founded our village community handmade silk project called Thai Silk Magic