Have you ever undergone a life crisis when life seems to dish out challenge after challenge, and you are overwhelmed by frustration, anger or irritability- you don't know why it is happening to you but feel that something should be changed, something you need to learn and be aware of?
It may be that your relationship with your spouse is not working out after living together for most of your life, or that your relationship with a current partner or mate seems to bring only obstacles. Or your business or job is not doing well and does not meet the expectations you heap on it. It may be that you are angry with your parents who never ever understood who you are and never loved you the way you expected them. Or you're in a place where you don't want to be in, and regret that you are spending your time where you don't find any fulfillment and satisfaction.
Or it could be the opposite- that you have made a great career, attracted fame and wealth, have a solid family, children and wife. You have reached everything you ever dreamed about, but somewhere along the way, you lost your passion for life, joy and excitement. Everyday remains the same, and you are wondering if this stagnation is going to last forever until the rest of your life. Or you may be experiencing an emotional volcano that is about to erupt, and all it takes is a little push in the wrong direction.
Nothing is wrong with you- it is a call for movement and a new awareness.
Gyan mudra is the posture of sacred knowledge. It may help purify your mind, awaken an insight that prepares you for new changes and a new direction.
Connect the tip of your index finger and the thumb to create a circle while other fingers remain straight and relaxed. It is used in meditation to receive enlightenment, inner guidance, and help you get in touch with one-self.

Author's Bio: 

Lucie Mori was born into a family of psychics. From the age of ten, she learned oriental techniques and spiritual healing.

In 2002, she started consultations for health, happiness and personal growth. Here, she sought to bring harmony and balance to people through nature, art and design, where beauty and spirituality meet to create a happier home and a brighter life.