Being wholesale suppliers, you must have been aware of corporate terms like ‘delight your customers to make them come back to you’ and ‘always deliver what you promise’ but what these phrases actually mean? Do these pointers have practical implication or they are just used as reference? When customers contact you to get a particular piece of work done, they will be happy only work is completed and in promised time. If a customer comes back to you and this practice goes on for a while, the long acquaintance is likely to turn into a sustaining relationship, changing expectations of both parties. Because of being aware of their needs and having mutual understanding and respect, you can even suggest them what they should order.
Following tips will help you harbour such valuable relationship with your regular clients.
Understand what your customers’ needs
Whenever a potential client visits them, most of the sales representatives commit a general mistake of not listening to his questions and expectations with enough attention. As representative of your business, you should listen to what your client needs and how he intends to meet those needs. Indulge into discussion with him and ask them relevant questions that make them analyse their needs deeply. Only after listening to your customers’ need, you can suggest the Wholesale Products or services that would suit them the most. Keep in mind that winning a client for your business is not a quick fix.
Share what you feel
When a client comes to you with business needs, he expects solution from you. He may discuss few solutions with you but as an expert of your niche, you don’t necessarily agree with them. Since you are a solution provider here and a neutral person, you can suggest the solutions that appear best according to your knowledge and experience. To convince your clients to accept your suggestions depends entirely on your communication and persuasion skills. None the less, you have to agree with the way your client wishes to address his business needs.
Deliver what is asked for and have been mutually decided
Trust is built on what you commit and how you deliver it so keep in mind the context of the original agreement signed or verbally committed between you and your client. Even if you find out that your client has misguided you towards something that is unethical or unlawful, you must contact him and sort the matter peacefully. However, if the person you are dealing with is your new client then, in addition to services and wholesale products, you must also provide him additional information and support. Your relationship varies with every customer, therefore, it is important to keep a track of it and make notes during every meeting as it will help you prioritize your business dealings and contacts.
If you successfully manage to harvest warm and professional relationship with your client and delivered what they need from you then you can expect repeat customers as well as further referrals from them. Is this not what every wholesale supplier wants?

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Sasha Gibbs is the Marketing Analyst at Wholesale Pages and has been sharing her expertise on Wholesale Products for many years.