So many British companies are starting to sit up and take notice of the importance of corporate social responsibility, a new charity giving website launched by BT recently has given them massive kudos in this area. MyDonate became the first charity giving site in the UK where 100% of your donation reaches the charity. BT will not be charging charities anything for being members of the site and there are no commissions on your donation.

Involvement in socially responsible behaviour is becoming the norm in the UK and many businesses are seeking ways to demonstrate their credibility to their customers. New and more innovative ways to be involved at a local level can be big news Businesses in the UK can demonstrate their charitable credentials by getting involved with USell. This allows businesses with surplus stock clearance requirements to donate surplus stock to be sold on eBay.

This is what Ian Livingston, the Chief Executive of BT had to say about corporate social responsibility and the new service:

We think it is very important to give back to the society in which we operate in. Our customers like it, they want their suppliers to be contributing, he said.

Its not just what a company does; its how it does it.

Fantastic charities set to benefit from BTs generosity include Cancer Research UK, Changing Faces and the NSPCC among others. These charities have been involved in development of MyDonate from the start. Andrew Flannigan who is Chief Executive of the NSPCC commented:

We are grateful for BTs continued commitment and support for ChildLine since its inception in 1986 and are delighted to have been involved in the development of MyDonate. It provides an easy and accessible way for people to raise more funds for us without any of the online donations going on administration charges.

This is great news for all UK charities who will be able to significantly increase their donation levels. I believe this will help encourage more people to not only give online, but give more in the long term.

The doors are now open for any UK registered charity to sign up for the service and start taking advantage. Fundraisers are also being urged to join the site which allows them to connect to friends on both Facebook and Twitter to promote their own charity event page.

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Businesses in the UK can demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility by getting involved in USell, a neighbourhood trust scheme. This allows businesses with surplus stock clearance requirements to donate surplus stock to be sold on eBay.