Once more in my life, I find myself realizing how fulfilling the attitude of gratitude is. As most of you, I could find many things to feel bad about and I could easily rationalize a way to focus on those things. But, then something happens that brings about the most profound sense of gratitude. For me, this is the birth of my first “Baby Grand”. I have taken to using this term because she is definitely the grandest of babies and I just like the way it sounds. Besides, she is so unique and wonderful, to me, that I just couldn’t use an ordinary term to describe her.

Now, I realize I am just a bit prejudice as her grandmother and my overwhelming love for her mother (my daughter). That, however, doesn’t lessen the sense of gratitude that exists along with all the other great emotions, at becoming a grandparent for the first time. The gratitude is different from the intense love. It is realizing that our Kennedy is healthy; gratitude for the fact that my daughter (Kennedy’s mom) is well; gratitude for the fact that Kennedy has parents that love her unconditionally and will always do what’s best; gratitude for the fact that this wonderful being has come into my life and that I live close enough to watch her grow and change.

I try to find gratitude in the everyday world and most times, I’m fairly good at it. But, like everyone, I can find myself worrying about small things and letting them cloud the good. So, today, I’m most grateful for the wonderful event of Kennedy, as it has brought me back to my belief that when we look for it, there is almost always more good in our life than bad.

So, today, I’m recommitting myself to look for gratitude and goodness. I hope you will do so as well.

Steps to finding gratitude:

o If you’re having a tough day, stay in the here and now. It’s so easy to focus on all the things that have gone wrong, especially in times of struggle. When something’s not quite right in our lives, we have a tendency to remember all the other things that haven’t been right, big and small. Work hard to focus only on the current struggle. Then:

o Focus on the things that are right in your life. It would be a rare life that has nothing positive. Write them down, over and over, if necessary. Keep the list where you can see it! Review it every time you want to wallow in the negative.

o Keep photos of your loved ones everywhere: home, office, wallet, etc. When you can see those you love, it’s hard to avoid gratitude. If they are happy and healthy, you have so much to be grateful for; the other less positive things will take a back seat.

o Share the positives with others. If you make a point of telling others what’s going well in our life, you will be more apt to focus on this. And, as a side effect, others will certainly enjoy your company more than if you are continually complaining. Both negative and positive are contagious. Choose to spread the positive!

o Every day: Set a “Beat the Alarm Clock Goal”. My friend Ann Tardy, in her book “Life Moxie, Ambition on a Mission” describes a “Beat the alarm clock goal” as a goal that is so exciting that we may actually get up before the alarm clock. Once you’ve set this goal, review your progress at the end of the day. Each step closer to this goal is a reason for gratitude.

o Smile! It’s been said that if you smile a lot, people will wonder what you’ve been up to. It will also send a message to others and to yourself that you have things in your life to smile about. This is gratitude!

Author's Bio: 

Gayle LaSalle, President and owner of Living Lily, is a professional trainer, teacher and former clinician, holding a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education.

Gayle is a Professional speaker and trainer with a message of hope, encouragement and need to lead life in the best way possible, at all times.Through speaking, training and personal coaching, Gayle’s goal is to help others realize their ability to make choices and allow themselves to thrive rather than simply survive.

Gayle's professional experience, allows her to show the audience realistic, practical and solution focused ideas on how to identify priorities, weigh outcomes and make powerful choices. Her personal experience allows her to do so in an authentic and legitimate manner. She shares more than simple ideas and facts. She shares life lessons. Gayle may make you may laugh or cry but she will definitely make you think!