Thinking about going to graduate school? Well, you might need to take a test before you go. These tests are often important, and they sometimes are a bigger factor than grades.  We are going to discuss a couple to give you a better idea.


Thinking about becoming a lawyer, then you need to take the LSAT. The LSAT is a reasoning test that measures your critical thinking skills, which are super important in law school and as a lawyer. Make sure to take the exam seriously. The LSAT is one of the most important parts of your applications. A couple points can be the difference between getting into your dream school with serious scholarship money and rejection. It is good idea to seek help from a “lsat tutoring” or from a class.


Future doctors have a long journey ahead of them. Before spending four years in medical school, they have to take the MCAT, one of the hardest tests around. MCAT covers everything a doctor must know, and it also covers secondary topics, such as critical analysis and reasoning skills.

The test is quite long: seven and half hours. So you need to learn the material, and also practice on endurance. Fortunately, the test is conquerable. You just need to prepare properly. Make sure to start several months or even a year before your test, and you can do well.


The GRE stands for “Graduate Record Examinations.” It used for many graduate programs, such as getting your masters or PhD. The test is similar to the ACT and SAT, so it should not be something radically new for most students. Just like those high school tests, the GRE tests your grammar, reading comprehension, and your math skills. There are some slight differences though.

The GRE, unlike the ACT and SAT, is done on the computer. Second, the ACT and SAT are static. That just means the questions are the same for you and does not change depending on your answers. The GRE adjusts to your skill level. If you answer a lot of the early questions incorrectly, then the future questions will become easier. This all works vice versa for getting them correct. This is a quite the change, but if you know it then you should be good.

Those are couple of graduate level of exams that we are going to discuss for today. Stay tuned for a future update!

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