Many of you may be thinking – no, not another social network! I don’t have time for the other ones. Well, Google+ is not about to go away. In fact, I predict that we will see it grow exponentially in the next few years in a similar way to how LinkedIn (now over 86 million visitors) shot up the charts. Just recently it was reported that Google+ had over 61 million visitors so it is growing quickly. Why? Because it is “Google,” and Google has a somewhat unparalleled online influence. As a job seeker it is important to be aware of the social push that Google+ has.

Social Network
Google+ is not a social network – not in the same sense as Facebook. Here’s what’s important to understand about Google+ as a networking tool. The +1 button that you are seeing everywhere feeds Google’s advertising engine, and the data helps Google match targeted ads to you and all the connections in your Google account. That extends out to recruiters and hiring agents finding you in a targeted search.

+1 Button & SEO rankings
By adding a +1 button to your site it can help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in several ways. If you endorse a product or site, here’s an example of what might happen: a Gmail contact in your account may do a search and the product or site shows up that you endorsed. Your picture shows up with that listing and your endorsement. The more users in your +1 circles, the more traffic and larger positive impact. This triggers more visitors (people are more likely to click), and the best of all, you get higher click-throughs which Google considers into higher rankings.

Search Results
Be active in Google+ to have an impact on your search results. Opening up a Google+ account with a few people in your circles, then leaving it sit idle will not get the results you are looking for. You don’t have to be a Google+ maniac, but a reasonable amount of attention to this account can result in major differences in search results. Recruiters and hiring agents are experts at online searches for potential candidates and Google+ is one place they are looking.

Manage Online Profile
When a job seeker is changing career direction, it is essential that he or she Google themself to see what is being said about them on the internet. Recruiters and hiring managers Google perspective employees before making an offer and sometimes before calling a person in for an interview. Google+ is a place where you can manage your online reputation and gain a top spot under searches for your name; and, this in turn pushes any negative posts farther down the search results page.

Larger Posts
Google+ provides space for content more like a blog. With Facebook and Twitter limiting the character length, using Google+ gives you opportunities to list a full-length post. The more content you put in Google+, the easier it is for Google to index and create search results. For you that means more visibility, traffic, and SEO.

Before you go kicking and screaming into oblivion, just think about these points. One or more of them may have a profound effect on the success of your online presence while in job search mode.

Capitalize on the benefits of Google+ and +1 to help your search results – I promise you it will be worth it. Here’s a secret – Google has invested heavily in Google+ and integrated it across all of its properties. It is not going to abandon this network anytime soon.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Chapman, CPRW is a professional resume writer whose career is deep-rooted in the careers industry. As a visible member of her profession, she has been involved with numerous industry organization. Professional credentials include recognition as a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Authorized Behavioral Strategist (DISC Behavioral Assessment), Certified Professional Resume Writer Credentialing Authority, and career/resume book contributor.