Image Title: Google maps SEO Image Description: Person using Google Maps Image Alt-Text: Google maps marketing Google Maps can play an important role in your digital marketing strategy if it’s employed correctly. As a brick-and-mortar business, you need to do everything you can to put your business on the map. One simple way you can do this is by using Google Maps’ functionality to help people locate your business easily. It’s important to note that this isn’t just about increasing your visibility, but it’s also about how you position your brand to build customer interest and stand out from your local competitors. Looking for ways to gain traction with Google Maps optimization? In this article, we’ll cover some ways we help our clients connect with their customers via Google Maps SEO.

Filling out Your Google My Business Profile

You may already know that Google My Business allows you to enter basic information about your company and the markets you serve. If you’ve been in business for a while, you have probably received hundreds of robocalls warning you about your google listing; We certainly do! You need to have a company Google account to “own” this profile, as well as Google Analytics and other services from Google to ensure that your information and access to the data these services provide is orderly and complete. This is the basis for how your business starts to stand out and get the most out of this system. We make sure our clients have a dedicated company Google account and that your business profile is complete, correct, and verified so it can show on Google Maps. We’ll also help you select your business categories, add specific cities where you provide your services and are positioned to request and receive ratings and reviews for this profile, one of the key factors to both rankings and effectiveness of Google Maps optimization.

Adding Citations and Links

According to the Moz study, the quality of your inbound links and citations will also help you gain visibility and rank higher in Google Maps. With our assistance, you’ll be equipped with dozens of high quality citations that confirm to Google the authenticity of your business information. Furthermore, when customers do see your listing on these secondary websites, like Foursquare or MerchantCircle, they will see a premium listing, complete with the correct contact info, whose veracity Google relies on as a ranking factor, as well as your logo and images. Basic Listing Premium Listing with LENS The building of citations that provide your company’s name, address, and phone number on business directories is a consistent optimization opportunity that improves your rankings over time. Adding these on a regular basis is critical in competitive markets, but for many businesses, the basics and a consistent content marketing strategy could suffice.

Using Images in Your Business Listing

Pairing your listings with the right images goes a long way to catch the customer’s eye. Once you’ve gotten their brief attention, consider if the photos for your business are authentic, or stock photos. Using stock photos is acceptable but over time, you will find that customers can tell the difference. Consider it for yourself. Do you prefer to check out businesses with authentic photography? You definitely want to populate your Google Maps listing with great photos, and with our LENS service, you can get these photos paired with your business listing on dozens of citations as well! If you are into real estate, you can also check out these Real estate guides or Real estate trends that will help you with handy tips. Our strategy involves adding the right metadata and location tags to all the images you’ve used within your listing to help boost your ranking without making any of the keywords visible to the viewers. These types of professional tactics exemplify how we move beyond the basics for our business clients.

Incorporating Keywords

Your image metadata isn’t the only place where you can use keywords to your advantage. We’ll also incorporate relevant keywords that you’d like to rank for in the business descriptions that you’ve typed for your Google Maps listing. How Do I Get Amazon Promo Codes? To get Amazon coupon codes from, simply click the blue “Get Code” button on the Amazon page. Then click the prompt button that reads “Go to Amazon.” Your offer will be immediately activated. Our job involves making sure the introduction seems natural even with all the keywords and gets the job done.

Taking Advantage of Google Reviews

Last but not least, an important elements that can help you rank higher in the Google Maps results are the rate and number of your Google reviews. The more reviews your business gets and the higher up you are in the search results, the more leads you’ll be able to generate. It’s important to get your satisfied customers to leave a review for your business so you can strengthen your brand’s visibility online, establish trust, and build credibility. Making this part of your consistent business practice is critical to making Google Maps optimization the solid foundation to your digital marketing efforts.

Expanding from a Solid Foundation

Even though Google Maps optimization is a free marketing strategy you can use to boost your online presence, you can also pay a little price for local search ads to gain traction on your website and give the people what they’re looking for. A little bit of money can also help your ranking in local search results. Since this is a type of pay-per-click advertising, we’ll help you test how effective this strategy will be for your business before we can create these ads for you.

Final Words

Once we’ve established your Google My Business profile, we pay attention to the type of searches that lead customers to your website. This will help us understand the volume of users that visit your website by searching for your name vs. those that discover your business through relevant keywords about your industry and location. This will also allow us to determine the percentage of new and repeat customers that come to your site through Google and improve our strategies. Need all the help you can get to gain visibility for your local business? Get in touch with us now to learn more about LENS by 3PRIME!

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