Good leadership skills require the ability to communicate effectively! Without that ability it is virtually impossible to lead!

President Ronald Reagan was often referred to as the Great Communicator! He was able to present himself in a way that people wanted to follow him! He was also considered a very good, if not great leader. After all he was able to bring down the Berlin Wall and effectively end the Cold War!

Other great leaders in history were also considered to be great communicators, such as, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and even William (Bill) Clinton.

The ability to express your thoughts and goals in a way that brings them to life is a trait that definitely solidifies a person's right to claim they have good leadership skills.

Like a sports coach that can inspire their players to reach above and beyond their normal abilities. Some call it being able to light a fire in someone, but the ability to do this not something everyone has the ability to do. Their communication skills have a way of making individuals believe in themselves and those around them.

It is not just the words they say but the way in which they say them! There is a certain element of confidence that they are able to bring to the words. Almost like an artist with a paint brush. They are able to tell a story with their words whereby if someone else said the same exact words it would mean almost nothing.

That is what good leadership skills are!

Timing is another element to good communication skills that bring to life those words. Knowing when and what to say isn't something that can be taught in a classroom. It’s something that is inbred in someone. It comes natural to them. In many ways those with good leadership skills don't have to set down and think about what to say, they speak their feelings in a way that inspire us all.

The piece that brings all of this together is the fact that great leaders "Say what they mean and mean what they say!" When they speak you know that you can count on the fact that they mean it! Come hell or high water it will happen if they tell you that it will.

That could mean something as simple as promising an employee time off, to something as serious as a president telling another country they will not tolerate their countries behavior! Some, like me, believe there can be peace through strength as Ronald Reagan demonstrated.

So as you consider whether you have good leadership skills take a dose look at your ability to communicate.

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