Kids could be picky in choosing their meals!

At times it becomes hard for us to enable them to make a healthier choice!

In particular, you might have observed that kids do not like leafy greens as such.

So how does one ensure a healthy diet for one's kids?

Check out the recipe for Golzeme, Turkish pancakes your kids are sure to love.

These are high in proteins, carbohydrates and all things that kids love, including potatoes, cheese and cottage cheese.

And this has spinach as one of the ingredients, so your kids will definitely develop a taste for the vegetable. Spinach is good for the eyes and skin, and for every part of the body. It's a very important addition to the diet for growing kids.

Now the best part is that Golzeme is a classy kids' food recipe, ideal for your kids, and even kids parties!

Let's check out the recipe!

Food ideas for kids


Preparation Time 1 hour

Cooking Time 20 minutes

Makes 8 golzemes

For the stuffing

1 cup boiled and grated potatoes (90% cooked)

1 cup chopped spinach (palak)

1 cup crumbled paneer (cottage cheese)

Dry red chilli flakes to taste

Salt to taste

8 tbsp grated mozarella cheese

For the rotis

1 cup plain flour (maida)

1/4 rice flour (chawal ka atta)

Salt to taste

The ingredients we need for Golzeme are flour, Semolina, finely chopped spinach, cottage cheese, boiled and grated potato, chilli flakes and mozarella cheese.

We can put in salt as per taste.

First, mix flour and semolina together along with some salt.

Add some water to knead the dough.

Roll the dough into a round roti.

Put this roti on the griddle.

After putting it on the griddle, add the potatoes and spread, but make sure that you add it in just 1 portion (half the side).

Then, put spinach and cottage cheese on top of the potatoes.

These recipes are for growing kids. So they contain a whole lot of nutritious stuff, such as cottage cheese, spinach and cheese.

Put some chilli flakes and lavishly add cheese.

You must add in some salt as well.

Cheese already contains salt. The roti we make contains salt as well.

But the pinch of salt that we add is for spinach and cottage cheese.

Now we'll fold the golzeme.

Add a little oil to roast it.

After we roast it, the golzeme are ready to be served. These look good.

Serve the golzemes with tomato ketchup.

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