Caddies Call Golf application is a GPS Golf Application that locates yardages to the front, middle and back of greens. It also helps accurately find distances to hazards as well as their carry. Some of the advanced features include a handicap calculator, statistics page, hole view and a unique scorecard. The user can also set alarm for calling up the nearest restaurant and ordering the food. The application supports thousands of courses across the world.

Business Challenge:

This Applications enable golfers for selecting the courses, suggesting / adding the courses, maintaining their and their co-players’ scoreboard etc. The application would have capability for users to be reminded for ordering food by giving an option to call a restaurant etc.

Software Solution:

1. Welcome screen which will display the company logo or the advertisement image. This image can be changed dynamically.

2. Application will be a multi-user application. Once user logs in to the application, the application will list out the courses depending on the current location and previously saved courses.

3. User can add his own course data. This information will be saved in the application database and synced with the server.

4. Once a course is selected user should be able to add it to the favorite course’s list if it was not there in the list already

5. User should be able select from which tee he wants to play from. After selecting the Tee, a scoreboard will be generated depending on the course selected.

6. Application should notify the user about ordering food once he finishes 9 or 18th hole.

7. User should have the option to review and edit last 10 rounds of play score.

8. User should be provided with the noted places information through Map. These noted places will be entered from website.

9. User should be able to pin the hole’s location in the Map and the score and the other information related to this hole will be sent to server

10. User should be able to send a feedback about the application as a mail or online submission.


Helps the golfers during the play, giving the user appropriate golf measurement details like par, poles distance, number of strokes to reach them. User can add scores when user reaches every hole. All these data will be saved in the application database. User can see the history of his scores any time he/she wants.

Author's Bio: 

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