It is normally to hear people talk about the things they wish to start going. We hear it so much it becomes dull to our ears. We learn to ignore those statements. It makes no logical sense for us to encourage a person speaking of the things they ought to be doing. We already know by the selection of words, they are not ready to make a change. We know because we are guilty of the same types of statements.
We journey throughout our lives creating these lists of things we should do and want to do. Each day we run through all the various items upon the many different list and we select the important ones for us to complete. It would be safe to assume for many of the items on our lists we are procrastinators. Excuses allow us to get away with not changing and not completing our lists of things wanted and needed.
Excuses like:
“I really don’t have time.”
“I have real life things to worry about right now.”
“I am too old to change anything.”
“What’s the point?”
“I heard it works, but I just don’t feel like trying it today.”
“Tomorrow, I’m going to start with this new thing.”
These are just decoys set out to keep us in our current state of being. We don’t really want to change. We want to talk about changed. We want to gossip about people who are testing new waters while we remain in the same luke warm puddle. We allow our dreams to fall by the waste side instead of grasping at them and forcing them to come into our lives.
Dreaming helps you to visualize the destination. Without a dream, the goal had no passion. If you are not passionate about something, then it is just a grouping of words, doomed to be forgotten about. A dream keeps you fueled for the rough times. As you journey down the path towards your goal, the dream helps keep your head in the game. There is no goal without a dream.
Going the distance is only going to happen when you allow yourself to break free from the excuses. You have all the tools necessary to begin to build yourself towards your dreams. You have only the time provided in your lifetime to gain footing upon the path required for you to reach your destination. Do not allow excuses to get in your way. It is only hindering yourself when you allow yourself to be distracted from your desired place.
There are three specific things required of your in order to begin your walk down your path:
1 Acceptance – you must have acceptance that you were meant to be in the experiences your past has provided you. The past has only aided in making you a better person.
2 Forgiveness – you need to forgive yourself for not being perfect. Our minds are some of the harshest critics out there. We only think enemies are bad. Try counting the number of negative statements you tell yourself throughout one day.
3 Action – you must actively seek out the next step on your path towards your goal. Each day is a chance to gain some footing in the direction of your desires.
Through Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Action (AFA) you are able to go the distance into the depths of your desires. You are able to take back your power and grab hold of your life. It is through these simple steps you can come to meet the happier more fulfilled self, you always knew you could be.

Author's Bio: 

I have been self published since 2007. I find great pleasure in inspiring others to reach for their heart's desires. Life is a beautiful place full of amazing experiences. It waits for no one, yet offers everyone everything within it's confounds. Only through daily negative thinking and habits do we forget the beauty within this life.