Ever meet someone who is a success, regardless of circumstances? I hope so as they are some of the most inspiring, exemplary people on the planet. Regardless of outside factors, they are healthy, happy and prosperous. When queried about their approach, invariably there is one common phrase used by all — “Anyone can do it. . . “


The big question of course is how is this done and there is ALWAYS a common denominator, regardless of personality, background and any other variable.

They go pro- . . . that is, there is a focus on what is wanted, not what is not. No one has attained wealth by hating wealthy people or successful companies. No one has achieved high levels of health by focusing on obesity. The anti-cancer groups and “running FOR breast cancer” have achieved little in terms of progress. In fact, the anti-anything groups have achieved little to nothing throughout history.

If you want something, be a laser and focus exclusively on what you want. Mother Theresa said it best: “I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a rally FOR peace, I will be there.”

How much would your life change if you lost the jealousy of “the rich” and became an extremely prosperous person yourself, by focusing on abundance? How would that help your family? The hiring of others would impact how many other lives?

How much would focusing on being your ideal weight and eating healthy impact your overall life, reducing your health costs and subsequent strain on an already over-burdened system. What a different this approach is than “everyone deserves free health care. . . as I go to McDonald’s to eat.”

Go pro-

Proactive, productive, professional , proponent, pro-anything that you want and adds to your life and the lives of others.

Be you, the best you possible in every given moment, be what you are, and focus on what you want. Let this shine through in every word you utter and every race you run.

Just like a pro-

David Orman

Author's Bio: 

David is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert, Educator.

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