Goal setting is the key that unlocks the door to positive self-esteem. The feeling of accomplishment gained through goal attainment is highly rewarding. This feeling fuels you to continue pursuing and achieving other worthwhile goals.

Goals are dreams with a deadline; therefore they connect the here and now with the process of achievement.goal setting

There are, however, some traps associated with goal setting.

1.Goals that are overly complex. This complexity may make the goal unattainable.

2.Goals that aren’t measurable. If you have no way of knowing when you have achieved a portion of the goal, you will not know what you still have to do to complete the goal.

3.Goals that aren’t what you want, but what you think you should want. Goal setting is for ourselves, not something we do to please others. You will spend a lot of time achieving your goal so be sure to make it fun, experimental, and meaningful.

4.Being overly rigid about goals. Goals are based on feelings that can be described as “touchstones.” A touchstone is a test or criterion for determining whether something is genuine. It’s the purpose behind the goal.

5.Knowing how to deal with failure when we don’t meet our goals. No one wants to fail. However, there’s a lot to be learned from failure.

Some of the best successes in life are built from failure. In response to a recent survey, four millionaires said that they had set the goal to have a million dollars by the age of 35. On average, each had held 18 jobs before making his million. In other words, he had an average of 18 failures. From these failures, each had learned what didn’t work. He was then able to redirect his energies to what would work.

If you have failed to meet a goal, deal with it consciously. Ask yourself if it is a goal you still wish to attain – or should you let it go. It is important to deal with any unattained goals in this way. If you don’t they will stack up in your subconscious under the heading of “failures” and create resistance to further goal setting.

Any goal you choose will affect every part of your life in some way i.e. the desire for a new home could determine how aggressively you go after the achievement of your sales targets.

To be successful, you must make things happen. You must be self-motivated.

Self-motivation is the bridge between thinking about your goals and accomplishing them. Self-motivation is the desire you have to achieve or attain something. It is essential to succeeding in any endeavor.

It is not something that comes naturally for everyone. It cn be learned and developed. It is the inner desire that keeps you always moving forward in spite of discouragement, mistakes, and setbacks.

You can build this desire and achieve your goals by:

1.Belief in yourself. Allow only positive thoughts to dominate your thinking. Thoughts such as:
-I am totally responsible for me.
-I have high but realistic expectations of myself.
-The future offers opportunities to me.

Forcing yourself to think this way may be difficult at first. It takes practice. You must believe you are a success for success to come your way.

Overcome your fears. Fear is the opposite of desire. Fear creates stress, panic, and anxiety, and therefore, defeats plans and goals.

Identify and understand your fears. Only then can you defeat them.

Take action. Action cures fear. Once you begin doing something, it becomes easier and your fears will disappear.

Start now. Don’t wait until you have perfect circumstances. There will never be an “exactly the right time.” Begin now. Welcome the challenges. Get in motion as soon as possible, and as your momentum builds, so will your motivation.

Focus on your rewards. Why should you be motivated? What positive consequences will you enjoy when you put your action plan in motion? Visualize the rewards that achieving your goals will bring. Visualize clearly and vividly. Make it such a good picture that you’ll do almost anything to be a part of it. When you drive toward that image, you are motivated.

The path to success is not necessarily an easy one. Make the commitment to set your goals and work hard toward the attainment of your goals. Start now, and self-motivation will begin to build within you.

Author's Bio: 

Judi Moreo is an author, speaker, and life coach. She has written 11 books including “You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power.” Judi can be reached at judimoreo@yahoo.com