For diabetes management, glucometer monitoring is a critical role at home. This will improve the quality of life for those who can adequately monitor the glucose level at home.
It is an easy task to record glucose levels and takes the doctor's help when required. But, checking at home, the glucose level comes with many challenges.

Even though it is most expensive and designed properly, the meter can also cause trouble from time to time.

Additionally, there can be several common reasons why test strip errors occur while testing glucose levels through a glucometer. This post addresses the possible reasons while using a glucometer at home.

• Problems occur due to test strips.

The major reason for the inaccuracy in the working of glucometer might be due to test strips. Many issues occur in the precise reading if the test strip is wet or you have removed the test strip too soon.

Also, you might have used more blood after beginning the test. If this is one the case, it would be better to reset a new strip to take the measurement adequately. Finally, the project is clean, and wet your hands thoroughly before taking the test.

• Due to environmental temperature

To take the test from glucometer adequately, the necessary factor is environmental temperature. The test strip works for providing precise reading when the environmental temperature is more than 50°F or above 10°C.

So, if you are in a cooler place, it will be better to move to a warmer environment and then go for the test again. Otherwise, the measurements shown on the glucometer will not be accurate and cause inaccuracy in the blood sugar level record.

• Strip removed during the measurement.

Another problem that might be because of the inaccuracy when measuring blood sugar levels is removing the strip during measurement. This case happens many times due to the inconvenience of handling the instrument.

Also, most of the inaccurate reading occurs due to the strip problem. However, sometimes the strips unintentionally get misplaced from their position and become a reason for wrong reading. If this is the reason, use the new strip for testing.

• Measuring while charging

First off, the basic rule while using the glucometer is that testing cannot be done until you are charging the appliance. Otherwise, it will result in inappropriate reading.

If the glucometer is causing the problem, then this might be one reason. Therefore, it will be better to 1st unplug the charger and then try to take the readings again. It will provide the precise reading to maintain well-being properly.

• Communication Error

The communication error is another reason for the inaccuracy of reading. The Communication error occurred due to various reasons. For starters, it might be because the meter is not synced with your app or iOS device yet.

If this is the reason, joining your device with the glucometer will be better. It will also help you share your result with your friends and family members relatively. To fix this problem, you should go for a retest. If the testing is done between, then precise results will not occur.

• Battery is low

Glucometer is an instrument that works when it is charged properly. It requires proper charging, but if the battery in your glucometer is low, it might cause an error in the glucometer while testing the blood glucose level.

To solve this issue, charge the device and then go for the testing. You have taken a lot of time while inserting the test strip while performing the test. This also causes issues while checking the sugar level on the glucometer.

Wrap Up

A glucometer can be stopped working due to various reasons. The article mentioned above contains the primary reasons for not working the glucometer.

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