Technology has revolutionized the world we live in. It has altered the way we go about our daily routine, interact with others, do business, and more. With tech advancements taking pace, a lot of new job positions have opened in the market which ranges from cloud computing operations to digital media marketing. One of the names that have invested their lives in the tech industry is that of Glenn Summerfield.

Glenn was born in 1965. Although from Generation X, he didn’t face much of a challenge while embracing technology later in his life. In fact, today he is regarded as one of the experts of e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Glenn’s interests were always inclined towards the technical aspects of work. Owing to his passion, he went on to acquire a BSc. In Nuclear Engineering and Electronic Engineering.

Glenn boasts an experience of over three decades serving a wide range of areas. He a renowned business analyst, marketing and development expert, and software development expert. In addition to that, he has also served as a diplomat for over seven years. Through the years, Glenn has equipped himself with an array of skills and expertise. His key advice for novice entrepreneurs and people at work is to dive into a challenge well-prepared to do it right the first time.

Glenn was a visionary and always opted for work that would bring in the best returns. He did his homework before diving head-on to conquer a challenge in front of him. After serving multiple Fortune 500 companies successfully, Glenn decided to establish his very own business venture by the name “WorldERP”. It is an enterprise that offers cost reduction, productivity improvement, and business process optimization services, among several others, to other businesses to help them perform better in their respective markets.

Prior to helping other businesses in enhancing their efficiency and productivity, Glenn worked as a procurement consultant for the Baltimore Public Schools where his job entailed analyzing, budgeting, measuring organizational impact, and more.

Glenn Summerfield has always believed in having an unending drive to succeed as it holds utmost importance in surpassing milestones. He further advises having patience and self-reliance if you wish to make it big regardless of the industry you belong to. Glen Summerfield has been in the field cruising his way through countless achievements, unmatched expertise, and an experience that has made him one of the elite businessmen in the country. His company, WorldERP, has been doing the same offering top-of-the-line backend services and solutions and more to enterprises spread across different industries globally.

Glenn Summerfield is still a tech enthusiast who loved being around and working with technological ventures. He looks forward to continuing to focus on fields like cloud computing and artificial intelligence as these are the driving forces of future business and technologies. To put it in a nutshell, Glenn Summerfield is a rising entrepreneur with 35 years of experience building businesses and making a positive difference with his skillset.

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