That's what A Winning Mind would do. After all, what's the worst that can happen?
You fail!

While most people focus on the risk they are taking, A Winning Mind focuses on the end reward--what their actions could bring them. Everything else is a process to get to the end reward that they have in mind.

If you do nothing, you get nothing. When you give something a go, you have a shot at Winning. Not acting on your goals won't give you an reward at all. That's a hundred percent guarantee. At least when you give something a go, you have a fifty-fifty chance of winning. With action, the odds of a positive result are much higher from the word go than if you do nothing.

A close friend recently asked me, how was it that I turned every negative situation into a winning one?

My reply was very simple and from the heart. I told her,

I produce more failures at any one time than a hundred people put together. It seems that the harder I try, the more I fail. But whilst most people focus on the failure, I learn my biggest lessons from my failures. I operate smarter because of my failures, and I achieve bigger things because of my failures. Failure is one side of the coin, with which the other side (success) couldn't exist on its own.

Giving things a go means that you say yes to opportunities as they come up. You don't have to take up every single opportunity that comes by, but at least you seriously consider it with an open mind. Winning in this sense means not letting opportunities slip by due to fear of what others would think, fear of ridicule, fear of performance, fear of failure, fear of success. You name it, there is a fear for everything.

A Winning Mind never holds back. They never let anyone else hold them back, more importantly they don't let themselves hold them back. They push through any fear they may have. They know that Fear is best dealt with when it's confronted head on. A Winning Mind knows that almost always, the fear is unsubstantiated or not as bad as it is originally thought out to be.

Have you ever got it wrong in the past?

Off course you have, we all have.

Most people are literally frightened to give things a go because they are worried about getting it wrong. They are worried about failing. They are worried about what other people will think about it.

When did that ever start to matter?

As children we have plenty of opportunities to get it wrong. Isn't it how we've learned and grown? Isn't it how our children will learn and in turn their children will grow? As children we are not worried about what other people think. As children we have still not been conditioned about what we can and can't do. As children we simply give things a go. Everything is possible. Don't tell a child that they can't do something because the chances are, they have A Winning Mind and will do it.

Unfortunately as we grow into our environment we start being influenced by it and manage to skilfully talk ourselves out of the next best thing. What holds us back is a sadly a prominent feature in most people's lives, F.E.A.R. This isn't something I want to dwell on, but the reality is that we all have some sort of fear to face. What the fear is depends on the time and situation you are in. Most people fear what would happen if they fail before having even started on their task. But what if you knew for sure that there was no chance of failure? What if success was guaranteed? Would you do what you need to do to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams? If you knew that there was no chance of failure, would you truly give your life a go? If success was guaranteed, would you follow through on that idea you have? If you knew that success was a recipe that, once learned, ensures that anyone can bake the cake of success, would you start that new business venture? What so-called risks would you take? Would you give it a go?

Well you're in luck because giving it a go means you have the law of probabilities on your side. After all how many times can you fail before you win?

The more you do, the better you get. The better you get, the more favourable are your results. To A Winning Mind, this process is really simple; it's the path to the desired end reward.

A Winning Mind knows that by giving it a go, even when they strive for the moon and fail, they will land on a star. The reality is that star is still much higher than where they started off with their feet on the ground.

Life is full of lessons. More often than not they have come from our failures. Embrace failure as you edge closer to winning. Set out towards what you want to achieve. Expect mini-failures along the way, but always keep your eyes on the end reward. It is there waiting for the Winning Mind to claim it.

As a result of giving it a go, A Winning Mind never loses, it only learns.

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Kevin Abdulrahman is The Man Inspiring Millions. He is an International Author of a series of books. He is a world class Inspirational Key Note Speaker, a sought after Mind Nutrition Expert and a Mind Coach to the elite.

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