Facebook is such a fantastic community for making inspiring connections with others.. There are so many in the community who desire to make a difference to the lives of others and themselves. acquaintances who I've had minimal conversations with regularly now take a minute out of theirhectic lives to give me some positive praise and encouragement. This one slight gift from others does so much for empowering me and building my confidence to jump onward.

As a result, I've caught the bug and I intentionally look for spaces in the course of my Facebook moment to write an encouraging word or praise to an aquaintance, backing them by joining their groups or fan pages and sharing their work. If I have the chance to write a testimonial for someone I'll jump on it straight away. I love doing this as I understand it assists in propelling a person toward the realization of their goal. I feel great and I know the other person does to and now it so happens I'm forming great friendships with people who were virtual strangers.

How rare is it to interact this way?. It's such an simple, low cost thing to do yet not many people choose to do it. Typically they overlook what others are doing or exclaim something negative as an alternative. It feels so shocking to me now when I witness it. I can't understand why people choose to dis-empower rather than empower.

Let's look at the word- empower- it means give power to someone. Giving power to another doesn't mean that I'm taking it away from myself. In the giving of the power to others, more of that power comes straight back to me. Taking the power away from others through lack of support or negative words kills people's dreams and self-confidence.

Does anybody truly want to be known as someone who gets in the way of other people's dreams? I don't think anyone knowingly wants to be a dream thief and confidence killer but at times we can be so unaware if what we do or verbalize due to our limited conditioning. Quite often a person might assume they are being valuable by giving 'constructive criticism' but mostly it's done in a way that promotes themselves rather as someone who knows it all.As a teacher and a parent, I know the best results, always come from initially lavishing praise and encouragement and then offering some suggestion or guidance.

Let's make a positive impact on the planet by empowering others with encouragement, praise and positive words. Let's first praise the people who come across our paths for the wonderful things they do and the courageous ways they seek to create a new path for themselves.

Take every opportunity to tell someone how awesome they are or how much you like what their way of thinking, or their new outfit, or their bravery for trying something new. Give them a little 'Wahoo!' 'You go!' or 'You Rock!' Little things like these empower people and increase their confidence. They'll start to like you and trust you and turn to you in the moments when they need that constructive criticism in order to improve. As my daughter says, "Be nice!"

Not only does it empower the person you are praising but it will empower you. You will begin to feel like someone who uplifts and encourages others. This is a beautiful place to live from and will raise your attractor factor. Nobody wants to associate with people who don't celebrate them- unless their a masochist!
My friend, and celebrity life coach. Johnny Wimbrey says: 'Hang around people who celebrate you not tolerate you!" There's strength and power in the celebration and I know in my life I want more power so I need to give more of it away first.

Make a concerted effort today to encourage and praise others. Support those who have stepped up to the plate to start something new. You might not like what they are doing, or think they're not going to succeed. Who cares! You're opinion doesn't matter; all that matters is to empower them to be great, and others will then start empowering you.

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