You want what you want, which you get by using the three tools of creation: Thought, Word and Deed (action). The more power in each one, the more it helps you achieve your goals. The more you desire, the more you need your Word to contribute to its achievement.

So increase the power of your Thought, the power of your Word, and the power of your Deed. The secret of success is to improve the power in your Word. Increasing the power in your Thoughts and Deeds will be explored another time.

Your Word is a Promise
Whenever you state an intention, that's a promise to the universe. You declare - the declarative tense - you'll do this, or that will happen. You may not see it as a promise, but it is. Whether or not you use those exact words, you're giving your word that something will happen.

Since you're honest, you presumably intend it to come about. Your intention is a promise to put some time and energy into making it happen to yourself and to those that hear your words.

The more power in your word, the more oomph it has to help you make it happen. To meaningfully change your life, your word needs more power, 100% follow-through on your word is part of great results.

Pretending Doesn't Help
The devious practice of crossing your fingers behind your back as you make a promise supposedly lets you off the hook. But it instead confirms your dishonesty! It's not actually meaningless, you're shooting yourself in the foot and destroying your self-esteem.

It signifies that you're willing to say in advance that you have no intention of keeping your word. But each and every time you're willing to tell a complete untruth you become less and less trustworthy. You lose the power of truth.

You may think you're getting away with it, but you know as soon as you do it and the others will find out later. This diminishes your internal well-being and you feel worse about yourself. How can you maintain any self-respect when you intentionally demonstrate that you're not trustworthy? The secret of success is to stop indulging your self sabotage mechanism and never to tell intentional lies.

Better late than never
Even if you're late, you can still complete the rest of your commitment. This will give you much of the benefit because although not on time, you've still kept your word.

Whenever you break your word, it's not worth anything in that instance. It's worthless because it describes a scenario that has no basis in reality. It may have been an intention, a nice to have, but in practice it's false. It'll change your life when you see the lack of power in falsity.

This is not so destructive as intentionally telling untruths. No matter how late, you'll gain much of the benefit by completing it now.

Increase your Personal Power
How do you increase the power of your word? The short answer? Make it stronger! More valuable. When you keep your word, you change your life, since you describe reality in advance. Then your word is consistent with the truth, and so gains the power of truth.

Is your word your bond? The more reliable your word becomes, the more truth in this statement and the more power in your word. So act as though this is completely and 100% true, which means make it true. Make your Word your bond!

When your word is your bond then that action is as good as done. It will happen. No ifs or buts. It's a complete statement of reality as something. A total 100% certainty.

This clarity about it being as good as done means that the benefits resulting from the action are set in motion now, rather than waiting for its completion. This secret of success gives you the benefits far sooner than when it only has a smaller chance of happening.

So ensure you keep your word, your promises, your commitments 100% of the time and enjoy the amazing consequences.

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Food for Thought
"Stress is the inevitable result of ignoring our commitments. Peace comes when we fulfil them."

- Author unknown.

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