Method No 8. Give to Others and Yourself Daily

Give gifts from the heart regularly to those around you. Also give to yourself. Focus also on giving to others and yourself that which you seek to attract or create. Wish for others to be well and to also have what you are seeking to create. Offer happiness to others in various ways that come naturally.

This is one of the most pleasant aspects of manifesting what we want. Giving is an integral and complementary aspect of receiving. The universe relies on flow. In order to remain alive we must let go of the air we take in and then take in new air again. If we want to receive from the universe, we need to give to the universe. Wishing for and creating happiness for others in various natural ways is one of the most effective ways to align with the flow of the universe.

Giving aligns us with the source

When we give to others and also to ourselves, we create a vacuum that draws in more of what we are giving. The Divine, which is the consciousness manifesting as all beings, is obviously interested in the well-being, happiness and fulfillment of each and every being. When we are interested in, help and give to others, we become partners with the divine source. We are then in alignment with the source and our intentions are supported by the universal power of goodness.

We can become instruments of creation, increasing abundance, health, love and happiness for all. When we care for others as much as we do for ourselves, we become more universal beings, rather than limited egos interested only in self-gratification.

Give simply – without ego

Make it a point to give some thing to one or more persons every day. It does not need to be something material. It could be a kind word or even a silent prayer or wish for that person. You could hand someone a flower, an inspired photocopied page, a piece of fruit, a smile, a simple good morning. Be aware of the people, animals, birds, insects and plants around you. Give them your attention. Wish for them to be well and do something kind for them. This will connect you to a much greater source than you can imagine.

You should not, however, do this with the motive of getting more from the universe, perhaps like a deal with God or the universe. Giving must be done without any sense of self or keeping of accounts, how much you gave and how much others gave to you or others. There should be no second thoughts – only the joy and magic of giving. Neither should you feel more worthy or more spiritual because you are giving. This would only increase ego and ego can only disconnect us from the source.

Give here and receive from there

Let go of the belief that you should receive from where you give. This is a trap many fall into. We feel disappointed and angry when those we have helped are not there for us when we need them, or do not treat us with the respect and love we would expect considering all that we have done for them.

We need to perceive life as an unlimited bank with over six billion branches at which we can make deposits and withdrawals. Each person (and perhaps many animals) is a branch of this universal bank. We tend to believe that we have the right to make withdrawals from the same branch we have been investing it, but the universe does not always work that way. When we focus on receiving from those we have helped or given to, then we do not allow the universe to give us back from someone else that we may not even know at this time.

Have faith in universal justice

So simply give and do not focus on what is going to come back and from where. Trust that the “cosmic accountant,” makes no mistakes and we are always getting what we are giving, creating and needing for our happiness, evolution and life purpose.

Laws are all encompassing and dispassionate and work the same for all, just as gravity and death do not make exceptions for anyone. In the same way, we are all subject to the same law and we receive what we give. The more we give, the more we receive. Some reasons this may not seem true in our lives are:

1. We might have taken much more than we gave in the past (or perhaps in previous lives, if you believe in such).
2. We may be giving with the motive of receiving love and acceptance from others (which is not giving at all).
3. We might be giving in order to oblige others to give back to us.
4. We might have subconscious obstacles to receiving.
5. We may believe that we are not worthy of receiving.
6. We may identify giving with strength and receiving with weakness or becoming obliged and thus subconsciously may not want to receive.
7. We may identify giving with self-worth and subconsciously need to give more than we receive.
8. We may have made a “soul choice,” for the purpose of our evolution, not to receive something until we are free from our attachment to it.
9. We might identify receiving with selfishness and a lack of spirituality and believe that we are more selfless and spiritual when we do not receive and thus subconsciously obstruct receiving.

When we are under the influence of such beliefs, we tend to obstruct the flow of goodness on all levels from others and the universe. Also we cannot see what we are being given, although it is there. Thus we cannot feel grateful for all that we receive. In both cases we stop the flow.

Learning to receive

As you can see, we not only need to learn to give but also to receive. Feeling comfortable with receiving from others, God and the universe, and being free from any subconscious obstacles to such, are as important as giving freely.

One way to learn both is, in addition to giving to others, to give to yourself. Among the gifts you give daily, make at least one gift to yourself. Wish good things for yourself. Give yourself time, pleasure, compliments, affirmations, gifts that you like. The universe treats us as we treat others but also as we treat ourselves. When we treat others well and also treat ourselves well, we attract loving treatment from the universe.

A balance of giving and receiving

Remember that money, love, kindness, well wishes, prayer and service are all forms of energy and the more we share them, the more they come back to us. Consider giving and receiving like the two peddles of a bicycle. When you push on one, the other comes up and when you push on that, the first comes up.

We can choose to become channels for materialization; helping those in need with our power of creation. The more we help them, the more that is given to us in order to help even more. This of course must be done with clarity. Doing for others what they can do for themselves does not help them. Teaching others to fish helps them much more than giving them a fish. Spiritual discrimination is required when giving or lending money. It should be done only in cases where the other will not be harmed by this.

Exercise no. 12 - Give daily to yourself and others. Give especially what you want to attract from the universe.

From the Forthcoming book "25 Ways to Manifest Your Ideal Reality" by Robert Elias Najemy

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