Yearning for someone to come and fill your life with joy and love? What if I told you that loving yourself is the beginning of discovering your right partner?

Love Yourself First

Self-care messages are so rampant across the internet that even personal branding coaches use this as a major strategy to make their clients outshine.

Self-care and self-love are truly the beginning of the life you envisioned. Think about it; everything you need for your survival and everything you dream of accomplishing is somehow brought back to self-love.

The degree of your love and acceptance for yourself dictates all that you accept in your life.

This includes your job, your career, your friends, and your partner. With low self-love comes low esteem, and you end up in cycles of turmoil in each area of your life: constantly settling for less than you deserve. Constantly stuck in a gloomy rut of grief. The grief of all that could be.

Let's change that.

All the self-improvement blogs and quotes about life, and the meaning of life you seek, begin with self-love. Here's how you begin to love yourself. Oh, and just for fun, let’s add quotes about life to help you remember better:

Be Unafraid & Unapologetically You

"Your time is limited. Don't waste it living someone else's life: Steve Jobs."

Be the round peg in a square hole. It's ok to be a misfit. While you should positively work on the toxic traits you may have and continually improve in life, you should be genuine to yourself. Don't be like someone you see. Don't succumb to worldly pressures. Live your life learning to be the best "you" each day.

Lift Others Up

"We rise by lifting others: Robert G. Ingersoll."

Stop with the insecurity of sharing your knowledge or resources. If you have a piece of advice that may help others, give it to them without feeling like a hypocrite for not following it yourself. Stop the need to over-explain. Just stop with all self-limiting beliefs. Give generously.

It's OK Not To Be OK

"Be strong. You never know who you are inspiring: Mel Robbins."

Some days (maybe weeks) are more difficult than others. You might not know how to push through. IT'S OK. You're not alone. That said, care for your mind. Fight for yourself. Fight to overcome this lull. Show up for yourself reverentially.

Remember to work hard on yourself by holding yourself accountable for your actions. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Work hard on being unbroken.

This is how you love yourself.

Do you know the beauty of it? Once you begin loving yourself. You don't settle for a job that pays you less. You don't settle for a career that makes you unhappy. You don't settle for a relationship that lacks the love you need. Loving yourself is key to getting the love you want.

All the quotes about life are words to the wind if you fail to grasp the essence of it all. So, take a sabbatical from your stressors and find out why you feel you're hard to love. Fixing that will guarantee you the life you love.

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I am Eric Desuza a pro-level blogger with 5 years of experience in writing for multiple industries. I have extensive knowledge of Food, Fitness, Healthcare, business, fashion, and many other popular niches. I have post graduated in arts and have a keen interest in traveling.